Possible New Laptop - Opinions?

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Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about buying a new laptop today but I am debating between two:

Laptop 1:


Laptop 2:


First question I have is: Will either laptop play Diablo 3 and if so, how well on what settings?

Laptop 1 has a wider screen and higher resolution, but slightly lesser video card in my opinion. It also has 8GB RAM while Laptop 2 has 6 GB RAM but again a slightly better video card.

Any thoughts on which one is better and will they play D3?

Tough choice between screen size, and graphics card. You can always upgrade the ram, so that's a non issue atm.

I play on a GTX 560M which is about the same as the GT 650M on the relative GPU proformance graph, and it plays flawlessly on max settings. Tough choice, tough choice.
I ended up going with the laptop with the slightly lesser graphics card but had the larger screen and resolution (1600 x 900 max). It turned out they had it at BestBuy in stock near me and at 7:00 PM it quieted down and wasn't too bad to shop (I hate Black Friday shopping).

The game runs virtually flawlessly on max settings. I only encountered a slight jerk in a move once and it wasn't anything major. I'm quite pleased with the NIVIDA GeForce GT G50M on Diablo 3 and it was a larger screen and 20 bucks cheaper :D.

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