THANKS!! For finally deleted trade topics !

Demon Hunter
Title says,

The better this forum will be !
@Pure, were you reporting my giveaway threads as well?
Nah I havent been on this thread for weeks. Just jumped in because of the maintenance and saw that there were no Trades lol

Edit: Just saw your topic and I don't think it could be considered as a trade tho.
It looks much cleaner but I miss them. It's so much easier knowing that the items are meant for DHs. The trade forums you literally have to go through 10 pages and read each title good and click on the threads to see if it was meant for DHs. I just wish they would make sub categories under trade. Selling stuff sucks too cause in one hour your post is already on the 2nd or 3rd page.
Heh, I made a browser plugin to hide them on me. If anyone is interested in porting it to chrome and FF, then I might post the code for it.

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