Leoric's Signet Adventure

Items and Crafting
For anyone who's interested, here is a loose recounting of my journey to find the ring.

As a level 60, you'll plow through mobs in Normal, so my goal is to cap base magic find (300%). I did this on the auction house for less than 2m in about 5 minutes. Sun Keeper or Three Hundreth spear is worth picking up, when i realized the 45 mf wasn't totally necessary, i switched to the spear for the alternate stats. You can also splash gold find and pickup radius to get a bit more bang for your buck. The goal is speed, so after you've got your base mf gear, get something like lacuni's prowlers and 12% ms boots (I like Firewalkers, but they're expensive). Get Movement Speed capped at 25%.

Normal Act II Monster Power 10 - Take Black Soulstone quest
Get the Vault of the Assassins checkpoint, this is where you'll start all your runs.

Clear all the packs in Vault (6 or 7)
Clear Sewers
Clear Rustic Cistern
Clear all of Path to the Oasis and Dalghur Oasis, including all mini events.

Rinse repeat; the whole run would take my barb about 16-20 minutes

I found my ring after around 8 or 9 hours of farming, from the pack that triggers when you pull the ancient lever for Tomb of Sarkadar. I had 475% magic find. In the 8 hours of farming I did, I found 2 sources, a daibo, gloves, spirit stone, 2h mace, voodoo mask, and some other piece.

I rolled 27 int and 29% bonus xp.
Cool story bro!!

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