The 500k Tank DH

Demon Hunter
Don't let the looks of her (DPS) fool you.
She ain't the best out there, but I like the play style she's designed for.
She's built for fun, not farming. Plays well with others. (i find solo runs boring)

The design is a Tank DH built around Sentry and Rapid Fire.

Last month, I was using the Sentries for primary damage.
Now, while running with groups, I find I'm using Rapid Fire more often.
As such, Crit Damage (and CC) is becoming more important.

I'm most happy with her because I've only spent 250k on her current gear (520k total on GAH) The most expensive piece was a 150k belt I no longer use.
Everything else, I found (or it was donated.)

Unfortunately, it looks like my next upgrade piece will be in the 5M range.

Feel free to critique, comment, and suggest next upgrade.
who is "she"? please remove the "$" if u mean 500k gold.
fixed the "$" problem.
I only have one DH.... a female.

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