HC WD how much ALL res

Witch Doctor
Just wondering how much all res everyone is carrying for MP0 to safely get around.

Also take a look at my build and any suggestions aprreciated -=)
To answer your Resist All question most people agree that between 400-500 RA is the sweet spot in Inferno and that is before int is factored in. With int resist your should see individual resists around 700. Of course that's soft core, I assume HC would want more.

There is a board dedicated to HC which could give you more advice.
For MP0 you can run a lot less than 400-500 AR.

Also keep in mind Armor / HP is a big factor as well.

700 AR doesnt mean much if you have 2k armor and 20k hp.

Right now I am in my high MP gear
It only has +418 AR, and 3684 Armor.
However I have 64k HP which bumps my EHP by a large margin.

When i swap to MP0 farming gear, i Lose anotehr 150ish AR, some armor, and drop Jungle Fort and its no issue at all.

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