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I purchased Diablo 3 digital edition November 23rd at 3:25pm central time.
I received the confirmation email stating the 72 hour waiting period was over on the trial account on the 25th at 11:37pm central time and as of now while posting this i am still waiting for it to upgrade, i cannot add friends, trade, access auction house or anything.

by the way, if you look at my "played" time i have played over 80 hours so the 72 hour waiting period should definitely be over.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hey man I've got the same issue. Got the email and all but cant yet access AH. Made a support ticket but still no reply for 4 days. Frustrating.
just changed my password and it worked, give it a try. hope it works!
Very strange worked for me too. :)
That 'trick' worked for me as well, tyvm.
glad i could help :)

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