Looking for playing with zombie dog WDs

Witch Doctor
Hi, i main a DH and yesterday i played with two zombie dog WD in mp8 uber boss fight and it is AMAZING!

infinite health globe = infinite hatred = infinite loaded for bear = super quick run

looking for more WD buddies, normally i do mp8-9 uber runs with a few 200k+ barb/DH

please post your btag and i will add you ingame =)
Hahah! yeah, just did a couple of MP9 uber runs with a plvl100 DH and he got addicted to my health globes too! :D Wiz also benefit alot from this build so it'll be great to have one with the group also.

Add me up if you want - knarf#1250
yea..i am addicted to Health Globe.....GIVVVEEEE me more HEALLLlllTHHHH GLLOLOOOBBEEE...!!!

will add all ya

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