drop rate decreased?

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Yep just bad luck, couple of nights ago, I was getting 1-3 per night sometimes 1 in like 6 games. But yesterday night just within 2 games I got 9 legs in which the 1st 3 legs were dropped within 5 mins of each other.
Just gotta be lucky I guess and the only mf I have is the topaz in helm and from follower.
Then all my friends,are having the same bad streak ,and i have quite a few friends.and what little scrap they have gotten has has such low stats they are totally unusable.And i doubt all my friends are having the same bad streaks.
Since patch 1.0.6 did not change any of the drop rates I..

Of course you did not change the drop rates since 1.0.6 because you stealth-nerfed it ~ a week after 1.0.5 !
i and all my friends have noticed a severe decrease,and when one finally drops,the stats are so bad its totally unusable,unless you like death.
most people don't come on here just to complain,they hope things get fixed,yes there is a issue but blizzard needs to see it,you shouldn't really alianate the people that are left playing,i am tired of not getting anything i can use,and if something drops,the numbers are so low,i can't stay alive.smell the coffee before all the coffees gone.
schnufa: +1 ... changes were already before 1.0.6, they came with one of "HOTFIX"

About drops: One have, another no ... just like in life ...
Why ? ... RNG ? ... Balance in the universe ? ... Who know ?!
my drops used to suck i found 3 legendary items the whole time i played then jumped on yesterday and found 2 set items off whites not even elites, i dont know if they sucked or not but i think my luck changed dramatically
Just found my first legendary quiver in game, Dead Man Legacy!
10%IAS, time to salvage it for good!!! =P

I think it might be only slowly and slightly increasing for me, but that is only because I am gaining levels and farming more and more.
Plus I ain't runnin anything below MP 6.

What I'd like to cry about is just how bad the gold rare's are or have gotten.....just terrible
about 97% are completely useless as....

So bad in fact my followers don't even wanna roll with them. The shop vendors even hate buying them...The sell value is just as bad.

On average I never even see a weapon drop DPS of above 800-900.

Where the hell are the 12's n 13's?????

I don't know I'm certainly not a Diablo 3 news/forum fan boy so I may have missed a new/patch update of how and why they made the rare's so poor. Maybe someone can inform me about this?

Sorry 1 more quick rant.
Most of the Leg Items are really bad = most(not all) players in every hero class are running the exact same get builds = how ridiculously boring???
And no these people are not the non-creative, noob following sheep types. They are smart and getting the same items clearly because they work better and are far superior then the rest. Just a random example, there are better ones: Echoing Fury? Witching Hour? Good one's cost a bomb. Where is the competition? e.g. why is the Grandfather so bad?

Hopefully pvp will bring on a variety of interesting builds and strategies.

End rant.....other than that I am still fairly happy with this game and Blizzard has already tried to amend most of the games bugs n flaws.
what I would like to know is, why don't I ever find Monk legendaries or Set items? I have found multiple legendary/set items for other classes, except the one I actually play. 260+ hours of playtime, paragon 45... haven't geared myself AT ALL after level 60.
wot is bad luck huh dont get it ? when i do run with no stack ding one legend few sec later ding another legend another run ding woow legend . 2h later no ding 6h later no ding 12h later no ding so WTF is this bad luck eh dont thinks so
In the end, none of this matters. There is no proof that suggest Blizzard has lied to us in any capacity with regards to the drop-rates. So, people can go on saying something must be afoot, there must be a conspiracy theory going on, but in the end, it does not matter at all.

I mean seriously, what do some of you expect? Yeah, Blizzard is going to "fix" something that is not even changed. You can try to justify all the bad luck recently by blaming Blizzard and it wont make a lick of difference.
yeh :) when i do like 10 run's and dont get any good rare or decent legend no sens to play thats im doing now
Drops are perfectly fine.. honestly, I think far to many legs and set items fall.
Drop are nor perfectly fine some ppl has bad luck hehehehehehe
No problems with drops here.

My gf just had her first "5 legendary drops in one run" run on Sunday. She's happy...although she believes that drop rates get increased on weekends when everyone is playing and also if you are playing in an internet cafe.

I just finished a 2 hour session and had about 6 legendaries (vile wards, hellcat belt, 2- fire walkers, an ilvl 62 WD helm I never heard of before and a pair of gladiator gauntlets).

Vile Wards/hellcat rolled well enough to sell. I'm happy.
SAME here bro,To hell with stealthy changes!
my drops have decrease by a !@#$load...but the quality of them has been increased for me so im pretty happy

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