Mid-game disconnects happening everywhere

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Not only are they happening no matter where I am at in-game they are also happening to my wife at almost the same time as we are playing duo. Ever since the login patch I have had nothing but disconnect problems ;(

Please help Blizzard.
Same here. It's been frequent ever since the new patch came in.
I already had a chat with my ISP, they said there was no problem at their end as well as my router.

I am plugged into the router via cable. Soo. :|
are you all monks and barbs? tempest and ww? i had this issue a while ago
my fix was:

turn off vertical sync on your diablo 3, AND on your local graphic card settings.

i hope this helps as it solved it for me and quite a few friends
I am not and have never enabled Vsync. Never had a problem until the Battle.net login patch. Getting "Error 3005". Pretty sure that error means that their server is offline as far as my research tells me so far.

Once more I have never had this problem until the Battle.net login patch.

Edit - They are so frequent I cannot even get 1/4 to 1/2 the map cleared in the "Fields of Misery"
that sounds ISP related. is this happening a lot during specific times of day? some neighborhoods subnet their entire neighborhoods on the same networks and before you know it you have neighbors sharing bandwidth without knowing, other issues router/modem could be having issues, perhaps arp poisoning or some type of flooding is causing a d/c when your network traffic peaks. another possibility is (and this is a funny one that happened to me a while back) if you have any ethernet cords running rampant in your house and happen to have one going over a florescent light that someone is turning on/off causing your d/c, this same thing applies to some older fridges.

tldr you could submit a ticket or call your internet service provider to narrow down the search as i want to say these d/c's are clientside as my logic (as human as it may be) has left me with that conclusion.

edit * emphasis on the possible flooding in your network if you and your wife are getting a d/c at the same time. if this really were the case you would want to get ahold of your ISP right away as this would lead me to believe someone is flooding your network with some version of a blackhat linux, not to scare you or anything...just saying.
This is the only online game I have an issue with Uberd0rk. I never ever have a problem with Guild Wars 2, Torchlight, Lord of The Rings Online, or Path of Exile.

So it is on Blizz's end. I have weeks of Rock solid online speedtest of about 11Mbps down and 1.3Mbps up (per testmy.net). Line quality tests from dslreports.com with no line noise issues or ping issues.

Thanks for your possible causes Uberd0rk but I have enough hard evidence to know that it is not on my end.

Gonna kill a bit right now with the wife. Will see how things go.
I've been having the same problem since yesterday. I'm a WW barb myself.
yeah, I only had this problem since the patch and also when using by WW Barb.

i did turn off the V-sync and I think it has been better...Knock on wood...
Just started having this problem today.
Is NOT an ISP problem, so don't even try.
Doesn't matter which class played, as I am on my Wiz...it just does an immediate crash as if wiped from screen. No delay, pause, spinning wheels, etc...just crashes and closes out.

A pop up says to give this report ID to Blizz when communicating about it:

I play WD so I know when it's happening cause my minions stop following me. When this occurs I can still talk to the other players in the game but shortly after I get disconnected. The game server just stops communicating with the client but chat still works. At least 3 out of 10 post you see on the support forum are about this issue. Something else they also share in common is Blizzard doesn't respond to any of them.
Exact same here, constant disconnects where everything stops moving, yet I can still chat???? What is going on here?
5 disconnects in 30 min and when my follower doesn't follow, that's when it happens. Cant finish a farm run without disconnects
same here, i created a post on the technical support forums, with my computer details, that i had all drivers updated and they deleted it...

Also that i play a WW barb if that matters.
I've had terrible disconnect/game crash problems since the latest patch.

My level 55 hardcore wizard died because of it ;-(

I created a support ticket and they told me to update my drivers but that hasn't helped :(
UP! been experiencing this too.. it's annoying.. fix this pls blizzard jesus

This is ridiculous.. a dozen d/c's on any given day.
My friends and i get d/c'd during freakn Uber runs.. tell me THAT'S not the most annoying shhhhhh.... stuff ever.
Yep, same here. Frequent disconnects no matter which char I play.

Still get disconnected.

Fine with my Monk but terrible on my Barb

I can only play in group games so that I don't lose out on my 5 stacks as I can rejoin the game.

Would like some of the official staff to comment on this thread to ensure I am not going insane.

I have verified with my ISP and there is nothing wrong with my connection. Never had a issue playing Boarderlands, Black Ops or other games, only Diablo 3.
I have been having this issue as well BLIZZ!!! Please FIX asap. And this bug seems to affect all classes at every stage of the game.
My sisters computer experiences this issue 1 time is was like 2min and it crashes but usually 20min to an hour no errors it just goes back to desktop and it loads desktop almost instantly as if a game wasn't even up, considering how blizzard refuses to post here I'm assuming they're having issues with this "authentication" system of theirs /wink /wink sounds and looks like connectivity issues with the server in my opinion.

I should also note that i do not have this issue with my own pc.

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