requirements to sustain wotb using skorn

is there a way/build or requirements to sustain wotb using skorn? my current aps is 1.53 on serk mode... any hota runners here can guide me?
any help? =S
High buffed crit chance (55% or more) gives you quite a few smashes before you need to use Bash - Instigation to replenish your fury. Smash some more, repeat. WotB as long as there is something to hit. It works better with dual wield because replenishing fury with Bash only takes a couple seconds, but it also works with Skorn.
too slow, difficult with 2hander.
This post should be exactly the info you're looking for:
thanks alot guys for the replies... previously i was using an EF and a problems sustaining wotb using hota...but after using a looted skorn.. im having a hard

thanks alot silverfire for the link...thats wat im looking for =D
try throwing hammer/mighty throw with into the fray + no escape passive

the rest is up to you
I can keep WOTB easily and even recover the duration with my current equips and a Weapon Throw build. HotA is harder, I can only make it last longer.

The biggest problem with perma-zerk HotA is that you can't really move a lot because you have to be close to the monsters, while with Throw you can be pretty much anywhere.
dont be stressed trying to maintain permazerk w a skorn. it require so much IAS it will hurt your ability to stack crit hit and crit dmg in your gear.

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