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11/21/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
But we agree with you: it's not enough. Of course, we're not sure that what we can do will ever be enough

We'll as for me, an offline mode (with multiplayer on lan) would be the PERFECT solution to get rid of botting in my gaming experience.

I mean, on a allways online game, getting items is based on the AH (as blizzard stated earlier, items loot chance is tune down, since we can also get items in the AH), so botters are increasing the cost of good items; thus only rich players can afford the incredible stupid prices of thoose items.

But on the other side, If the game ever had an offline only mode, I would be able to play alone, and with my friends on lan. First this will gave us a ~0 ping experience (and this game really deserve to be played without ping) and finally, since there's no acces to AH or wathever massively online !@#$; I ll just be able to enjoy the game with my friends without telling myself, "the game is harder that it should be thanks to botters...".
11/20/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Lylirra
An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game

Maybe you should, to scare them off a bit...unless you don't(oh no i didn't!!! :P)
i don't know what blizz can do and judging by that blue's reply, things got out of hand. i suggest you double your manpower in banning bots. besides, that means more people buying your d3 products. money keeps circulating for you, blizzard.
There are a lot of good stuff in online banking to prove, You are a human, and not a machine to send millions to some blacky bankaccount.

Moveing mouse in a writen/drawn pattern is not easy to do by programs, and quick way to do.
If someone makes a perfect circle with mouse just fire them :D

Like virus and antvirus. Always goes sidebyside...
Dont know Blizz will ever can decrease bot players below 1%...
jion the public and easy to check the bot
Your work is appreciated, hack team, but when removing exploitive monsters in some areas, please consider what exactly are you removing and if it is found elsewhere in the game. What I have in mind is the removal of mobs in the Ancient Path which was the only place to spawn Fallen cur champions which are needed for the achievement.
i dont mean to sound like a jerk, but isnt it obvious to tell if someone is botting if they are playing for weeks straight, without logging out? i have personally reported someone on my recent played friend list 3 times. this person has been logged in for months straight, constantly farming. he has well over 2100 hours played and approaching 500 million gold picked up
I can spot a bot in a public game in under 5 seconds
there you go, bot posted right above me
11/20/2012 06:01 PMPosted by Punisher
maybe this is a waste of time, like some one once said, 99% of D3 player base are all botters more real players left
11/20/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Lylirra
An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game -- on a weekly basis, sometimes even on daily basis. Public announcements would become tedious if we decided to make one every single time we banned someone for using a bot, a hack, or some other kind of cheat. Instead, we usually will post something whenever we issue a big wave, or whenever we feel like we need to remind players that exploitative behavior is not okay and can lead to a permanent ban from Diablo III.

You said about not posting all the actions against bots or hackers because it would be tedious.
I don't agree.
Lots of people are urging for results. So give them.
I assure you people will like a session of the website specially for banned accounts.
Make it update weekly.
Tell us the exploit the account was banned for, and whatever additional information you may find nice to share.
Maybe put some tips for finding out bots and hackers, to help us warn you about.
What do you guys think of it?
I noticed there are people here asking Blizzard to explain exactly what steps they are planning to do and what actions will be taken soon to improve their game experience.

Then arrives that awkward moment where you realize... alot of those people are Lv1 with 0 Elite kills... These could be Spam Bot or Ah Bot accounts!

I can imagine those Bot using (or even programming) people need the infos to adjust to Blizzards anti-Bot plans. Hence I think the most clever thing Blizzard can do is:


Ps: Captchas would not ruin my game experience at all! I just don't want unreadable Captchas that could actually result in a ban of real players. (Then again, some people like playing drunk, which is also a thing to consider).
Hi there, instead of reporting by email and through webforum, perhaps could you make an option in the game something like the report spam, harassment etc button?

Its too troublesome for us to send in emails and webforum when each and every public game we played, theres always 1-2 botters. If so, there would be tons of reports from us each game we played. Too troublesome to minimise every public game, thanks.

not everyone who plays 24/7 and never logs out is a bot, i'm playing 24/7 and only logs out when server maintenance, comp's on all the time even when sleep on afk not a bot :P
idling out of game does not add to your hours played
11/21/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
(like I said previously, though, most solutions would negatively impact legitimate players...for example, CAPTCHA).

I honestly think that most players wouldn't mind a reasonnable use of such captcha.
I mean, no one like having to enter a captcha, that's for sure.
But that's a minor annoyance compared to the constant feeling that even tho you're playing 3 hours a day, you're falling behind on the race to the top ( whether your personnal goals are paragon lvl 100, or tons of gold, or tons of gear ) because some people play 24 hours a day without even being in front of their computers.

I've been playing in smaller games before D3 and there was captcha. It's ugly, I know it doesn't 'look good' to have that on a game... But having rampant botters look even worse.

I mean, if someone ask a friend 'Hey, what about D3 right now? Should I buy that game?' he might get various negative answers ( hopefully some positive tho ), some of these including the fact that botters run wild and they'll never catch on with them, and (whenever) pvp is released, he'll fight against people with gear worth more than some people's car, because they botted thousands of hours since release.

But I seriously doubt that this friend would reply 'Ah, no, don't buy this game, it has a captcha'.

I ( and I'm sure, the whole D3 community ) appreciate the team's effort to counter exploits such as botting, and your input int his thread, but we want results over words. So many players ( including Kripparian, which you probably know, who said such in a video addressing bots ) have said that tons of players on their friendlist are botting ( playing 24/7, even when they're playing other games! )... Well, to these guys, each log-in is a slap to the face, telling them that even if they played the entire night, they still wouldn't do as good as those bots. They have to farm restlessly just not to fall too far behind these bots. It's not fun.
And they're might not be any real competition yet ( beside some pissing contest ), so it's not gamebreaking yet... But when pvp is released, it's gonna get bad.
I can't help but remember Diablo 1, which was really easy to just plain hack... You could give yourself an hacked item dealing 10x more damage than the best legit one...
It did not matter much when you played single player. But put that guy in pvp, and it just ruins the game for everyone else.

The same applies to bots ( albeit on a slightly smaller scale ), and the fact is that if it's not put to an end now, it'll never be fixed.
People have many accounts, people transfer stuff.. If you ban a bot after he sent 3-4 item worth 1 billion gold to his legit account... It doens't achieve anything. He'll still have an unfair advantage over legit players. Or he could just sell the item and buy more gamecopy to keep botting ( which I assume is good for you, more $ coming in, but terrible for the game/image/players, which in returns sells less game )
I certainly wouldn't want to have to use captcha all the time for anything (whether it's buying/selling stuff on AH, creating a new game or whatever), but I wouldn't be too upset with a semi-randomized Captcha. Like there is a 10% chance that when you create a new game it'll prompt for a Captcha. Same with AH actions. If it's random it means a person would need to be supervising a bot quite a bit, but it'd still be relatively unobtrusive to a regular player.

And thanks for the comments about how you guys deal with Botters/cheats/etc Lyllira. Nice to know you guys are working on stuff. While it'd be a bit much to post every time a person is banned maybe you guys could do regular (pick one: weekly/fortnightly/monthly) "ban stats" type updates?

10 bans game botting
10 bans AH botting
5 bans cheating
200 bans abusive/racist remarks
225 Total bans
11/21/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
But we agree with you: it's not enough. Of course, we're not sure that what we can do will ever be enough (we don't know if we can eliminate exploitative behavior completely), but we're willing to try. It's an ongoing battle, though, not something you win after a couple of quick matches.

What about bringing the anti-hack team and the game developer team under one roof? Not just for a meeting, but for long. I know that developing AAA games is very complex already, but in a game with real money trade exploits should be main concern, along with fun and interesting gameplay. Anti-hack is not something you just put on the game once you figured out all game mechanics. If game mechanics are easily exploitable, damage will be done to your game (RMAH was an invitation for all kinds internet baddies) and your anti-hack team can't do much more than damage mitigation.

Diablo 3 has many exploitable game mechanics. Fixed maps, for example, allow a simple input script to farm your game. No AI or special code to get feedback from the game is required. Easy-to-get, general-purpose, freeware tools can be used. Yet you stuck to fixed maps, that favor bots over players, as we players actually like variety more than static content. Diablo 1-2, traditionally, had much more randomness in map generation than Diablo 3 has.

If you want to be better in anti-hacking in the future, every time you consider a new game mechanic, one of the questions should be: Is it easily exploitable? And you got to have the hacking experts right there, with you, to answer this question. It might be hard to abandon a really fun concept because of hacking concerns, and this adds another layer of complexity to your already difficult game developing process, but I think it's crucial in the long run.

But who am I to teach you how to develop a (financially) successful game :)

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