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Blizzard have to prevent future development of 3rd party programs that manipulate the system Player-PC-Server and removes the need of active player.

For example - any kind of timer job that monitor active player and when someone goes over certain ammount of time online and not AFK in menus - then GM whisper him for a little talk.
Other example - create an API for AH, open the game for addons and voila - you will have the control back on - like in WoW.

thats my thoughts :) and sorry for my broken English :(
Lylirra this is a feedback that has been given a lot of times on this forum, I want to be sure that has been recieved.

Please implement a captcha system to fight bots.

Is this so impossible?
Thank you
^^Would be nice to have a counter really.

How about one that shows the number of people that were banned last week, split per reason.

"Third party apps : X"
"Exploitats : X"
"Abuse of game play features : X"
"Spam : X"
"Harassment : X"
Now, i would like to have it clarified that we can/cannot use loot alert.

Dont have any partiqular faith in the anti bot measures of blizz, but who knows. Maybe they will get it right at one point.
11/21/2012 01:27 AMPosted by Ironstorm
Bots bring in major cash folks, they aren't going anywhere.

^ This.
An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game -- on a weekly basis, sometimes even on daily basis. Public announcements would become tedious if we decided to make one every single time we banned someone for using a bot, a hack, or some other kind of cheat. Instead, we usually will post something whenever we issue a big wave, or whenever we feel like we need to remind players that exploitative behavior is not okay and can lead to a permanent ban from Diablo III.

Would it be possible to get some statistics? Heck, even a total # of permabans since launch would be nice, if details like 'typical' # permabans per week aren't available.

If nothing else, it's a way for legitimate players like me to see and appreciate the hard work of the anti-hack team. In this case, I think it's OK to gloat and boast :D
Lets see a onscreen counter racking up the numbers as bots are deleted. Kinda like the counter was for the SoJ being sold. Then the player base could see some activity on the subject.
An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements... bla bla...

And yet I get multiple friend requests daily from obvious bots, with names like "dnvhry". How obvious does a bot have to get before it's banned?

You obviously can't answer that, but the problem is out of control and it's hard for a guy like me to vouch that you're busting your tails to stop the issue. No offense.

That's exactly what I think. This bot thing is way, way out of you're doing, you're doing it wrong...not enough monetary or human resources spent for this... (nvm, I already quitted this's totally wasted)
Ok, so honest players should be continually annoyed to try and weed out dishonest ones? What happens if I'm in the bathroom when my captcha comes up? Does my game get disconnected? What if I am in multiplayer which CAN'T BE PAUSED and suddenly I have to enter a captcha? What if I am right in the middle of trying not to die in HC?

Absolutely, unequivocally, NO. Think next time.

Every time you make a new game then. Some sort of randomized system that would depend on user input to activate each "new game". Like signing up for an e-mail or something. This is the same process to prevent spamming when you make a G-mail account or whatever. It would take all of 5 seconds to input a captcha.
I would like to see the list of banned players daily .... along with their real id.

That would put the brakes on botters and cheaters
^^Would be nice to have a counter really.

How about one that shows the number of people that were banned last week, split per reason.

"Third party apps : X"
"Exploitats : X"
"Abuse of game play features : X"
"Spam : X"
"Harassment : X"


Probably not going to happen ever. But it would be nice...
Because right now, regardless of Blizz's announcement and blue post... Everyone's talking about how rampant botting is.

the cops telling you your city is safe won't change anything for you if you see your neighbor get shot right in front of you.

That's what's happening right now.
Words, words, and more words from the people in charge... yet the community doesn't feel like they're handling the situation AT ALL, when they see 'players' who are farming 24/7 and stuff like that.

It included, but certainly was not limited to, that particular type of behavior. We called it out specifically in the announcement, so it's nothing new.

Soooo, No solution for the dupe hackers, magic find hacks or those using gold hacks?

Honestly, I don't give a flying fudge about the maphacks, auto key hacks and many others because they don't affect honest players. Those other types of hacks do by destroying the Auction House economy and it would really mean something if Blizzard dealt with them.

Bolded part in the quote you quoted.
Its hilarious that flippers try not to see that they raise the price of items.

Its simple- if a seller puts an item on for 5 million when other like items are selling for 10 mil- if not for flippers this would lead to other sellers changing their price- and pretty soon 5 mil would be the new accepted price.

Then more people would be able to afford upgrades without having to buy gold from the RMAH. Thus buyers across the board would be much happier. And don't even pretend the "end buyer" in the flipper situation wouldn't be happier to buy it at 5 mil than at 10 mil.

The sellers also would be happier because more items would move more quickly and the loss in gold per purchase that they make would be compensated for by the increased volume of sales and the fact that their purchases would be cheaper also.

Maybe Blizzard should give all new character a starter 10m gold. Then everybody will be able to afford good gear. The buyer gets gear they want. The seller gets gold. Everybody wins?

Prices would only go up.
Would a simple mat question once an hour or when a char goes back to town block pretty much all the bot ...

No answer ... don't disconnect because it will just login again but freeze the screen as long as the answer is not filled. That way the bot will be stuck in game not moving forever

Can i tell how much i would not care to answer a simple question once in a while if it can get rid of the bot :)
- If you are found to be exploiting the game, you can be permanently banned. (can be? shouldnt that be will be forever?)

This game is far from clean i recieve 1-20 RMT friend invites a damn day. Now i get spammed w/ /whispers often from RMT and then you have botters in public games and OBVIOUSLY duped items on the RMAH. This game is like taking a bath is sewer water at the moment. Why the hell dont we have the option to disable friend invites and /whispers, this should have been a feature included before the game even started.

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