No upgrade for my ID

Technical Support
I upgraded to a good standard, but the game still asks me not to continue the upgrade.
Please help me.
my ID
Thank you
Aooja ,

I issued a reset to the account for you which I believe will take care of the problem. Can you check it again please?
Oh okay, thank you very good service. Thank you Omrakos ^^
I have the same problem I have upgraded my account to standard but the game still asks for an upgrade and i cannot continue please help?

I've reset the account, please try it again when you get a chance.
I am having a similar problem. I downloaded the client and then purchased an upgrade. I have the email confirming my order has been approved but the game still asks me to upgrade.

Your account's been reset. Please try it again.
Looks fine now - thanks for the quick response.
I have the same issue. Just purchased upgrade and cannot progress?
I should of used correct Profile..
I have the same issues. Upgraded last week, but still ask me to upgrade?
i also have a same issue. just upgraded to standard but the game still asks me to upgrade.
my id is
i got the same problem
I need a 'reset' on my account too. The muppets that read support tickets have managed to respond to me 4 times now without bothering to lift a finger to fix anything. It's been like 3-4 days too, pretty frustrating.
same deal here also, kinda annoying as i had to search the forums to find out there was a drama with the upgrade online after forking out for the full version, but sure as hell beats sending cash in the post and upto a months wait ala pre 2k gaming
@ Omrakos - I have purchased a retail copy and having the same problem. My ID is Could you kindly organise an account reset for me too please. I have put in a Ticket (SEA63245) but it has been a week now with no response. Please help.
same issue.. please help
Same problem here ,(Ticket 63488). Thanks in advance

fixed, Thank you
Hi All, I got onto Blizzard Tech Support on the phone tonight and I got this problem fixed with a simple password reset. I thought this info might relieve some anxiety for some people.
Hi I have the full game and i installed it and played it till it told me to update so i updated it and my account says standard but then i go into the game and it still starter and it still wants me to update it. I looked to see if others had the problem and got a few ideas but none of them work i even tryed changing password but then i go into game and get a error.

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