Guess how much the DH above you is worth

Demon Hunter
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@ Zamindar
I would post yours at prob 200-350 since Legacy Nats are cheap these days ;)

I am fairly Patient when i buy and agree that you have a good feel for Legacy Nats value.

The choice to use Legacy Nats is a playstyle choice, not a dps or stat min/max choice
For many players due to our personal preferences this is still the number#1 Preference for BIS by a landslide

Socketed Gaze i paid 45m for .. less than 2 weeks ago... i consider this a steal given the huge increase in popularity of Pickup Radius thanks to vengance... I wouldn't sell this for less than 100m.. some people MAY pay way more as socket/radius is a very rare combo. Socket/Pickup Radius is the ideal farming/exp helm

4 Crit 110 Dex 25 vit Gaze i paid 150 mil for... Excluding Crit/socket combo's which are in the billions this is about as good as it gets for a DPS Gaze ... i personally feel this is worth at least 250 mil... once again some people MAY pay more as this is also a rare high end combo

The all res shadow is about as good as it gets... Anything over 50 all res has buyouts of well over 50m.. the Vit/Dex total on this is decent, not great.... I bought this 2 months ago at a steal of a price... somebody meant to list at 30m but missed a zero.. i bought for 3
Some people MAY pay way over 100mil for this

The ring is average with some damage and mf 40-50m. unfortunately damage/mf are not highly desired stats so this ring is not so valuable

Believe it or not the 7 Pickup radius boots are worth 10+m easy... i know this because i sold boots with 5 pickup radius for 6.5m last night

My next purchase is 120-150 dex or dex/vit boots... when i make the purchase it will be in the 100-200mil range

nice setup 1b -1.5b

What I have noticed the last few months is that people are using a pretty formulaic build consisting of 4 pieces of Nat's set, 2 of Inna's, Vile Ward, Strongarm Bracers, Manticore or Calamity and Deadman's Legacy. While that is a good combo, and I use some of the pieces; shoulder, belts and boots that aren't part of the equation are vastly undervalued.

I did extensive number crunching on various 2 piece Inna's sets and I actually am better off with my current belt and pants as far as my play strategy of stacking EHP and DPS through raw Dex, Vit and Life % goes.

While my belt, shoulders and boots may not seem to be great and the lack of movement speed might bother some people; the amount of Dexterity, Vitality and Life % it allows me to stack actually gives be a better EHP/DPS combo overall. My unbuffed DPS is 94,445.84 and my EHP is 963,674 and both have room for improvement as I haven't maxed out all my gems yet.

I too am patient and will wait for the right items to come up at a price I'm willing to pay. Its hard for me to put a true worth on my gear but I got it all for under 80 million. Even if I add in training costs, crafting costs, an alternate set of dual hand crossbows and a rare crossbow and quiver that are almost as good as my Manticore/Deadman's Legacy setup and the cost of any gear I used on the way up, I still have spent a touch under 100 million. Personally I feel I got very good value for my gold.

I'd be curious to see what you thought my gear is worth as opposed to what I paid.

Edited to fix stupid typos......I really need to learn how to type better.

@bnetplayer my WAG is ~475 mil
i'm sorry, your WAG?

First of all a dead DH doesnt do much Damage so survivavbility is important

Your defensive stats are impressive ... there is a forum on front page right now for 100k hp/100k dps club..

It will be interesting to see how builds compare head to head..myself infinite Shadow power/gloom vs yourself twice as much HP... Your gear being purchase for a fraction of the price.

As far as the the value of your gear vs how much you spent i would look at it like this...
As a complete setup your gear is worth more than you spent... but individually you could not sell them to total up what you spent..(hopefully that makes sence)


Correct me if i am wrong 200 mil (edit add another 150 mil for gems)
However not near enough EHP for my liking
11/30/2012 11:09 AMPosted by Bnetplayer
i'm sorry, your WAG?

It means Wild A$$ Guess.

300 - 400m.


150m worth of very smart buys.
@pewpew: $3.50


man I want that gaze
@veritech around 250? have to say im loving that incredible Disc pool you have there
but it feels as if it comes over your allres/vit and thats a shame. get some more hp to support that DPS =].

my armory hasnt updated yet. switched the ring for 4.5CC +dmg 27% cd 78 allres +dex ring and the crappy belt for a high vitality 9% aspeed 40% CD WH.
@Nyg8 - I would say around, 300-350M.. more AR's

@Veritech - 400M-500M i guess :)
@ foxhound 200-250
@Fear I wouldn't say more than a couple hundred mill. Some pieces are lacking, while others aren't half bad. Pretty decent setup though.

I'm going to guess 400-500M

I would say 200-300M Not really sure what mempos or mantis go for so I might be way off

I would say about 150-200m for your set-up

Vendettas-150-250m? Not sure how much new nats pieces go for these days.

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