[MONSTER] Infinite Mana NO VQ [Coming]

Witch Doctor
Just put together a pretty fun infinite mana spam build. Going to do a writeup soon. Currently Streaming/Perfecting the build: http://www.own3d.tv/Monster12/live/390036

let me know what you guys think
Get rid of the spiders if you are not using Vision Quest. Pick up WoS so you take better advantage of rush of essence, and it also provides great "snipping". I personally do not think you need both dogs and the garg, and I barely see you using either. Pick up horrify with the armor increase instead as a better defensive that again, works with rush of essence. Blood ritual + Rush is the best combo if you're spamming bears or anything mana intensive.

Edit: Instead of WoS, Phantasm may work better with your playstyle. Also, your damage is high enough that you could afford a reduced mana Bear SOJ. In my opinion it would be well worth it, for the increase mana pool, the elite damage, and the bear spamming.

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