Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

Demon Hunter
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natalya's sight with critical chances
DML with higher IAS
any suggestions would be great!
@seowkiet look perfect to me, very very nice glove, omg !!!
I hope I can have your AR and VIT,

All you need is a better NAT's embrace?? +AR or + MAX DIS?
@Hinary I'd upgrade that DML or get vit on those shoulders.
wats next for me?

gears fine the way it is...but if you want u could get nat boots with vit with decent dex and get lacuni with crit and ar to up your dps since you already have awesome survivability...yeah i know those three pieces of run speed wont do u much good since it's capped at 25%, but still im sure your dps will be higher...maybe 3-5k more?

ps i actually would just save gold until a new patch hits with better loot...your gear melts faces anyway
Nocturnal, your gear looks great already, so little improvement is *necessary*. I guess the thing for you to do next is start stacking more IAS in your various slots. That'll require tons of gold since you already have fantastic other stats in those slots and I'm sure you don't want to lose out on those just to get more attack speed.

nooby, the next logical step for you is a Crit mempo, although that's definitely easier said than done! Good toon you've got there!
i could use some advice..
I know the gems in my gear are crap (I'm just returning after not playing for months). Other than the gems, where should I start?
ditch the mara's and get a good HIGH cc/cd all res vit ammy.
12/07/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Nyg8
ditch the mara's and get a good HIGH cc/cd all res vit ammy.

Something to replace that SoJ?
Upgrade those sockets. I can only assume you'll need some AR for when you decide to go higher mp's. Also your Critical Chance is looking pretty good and your clearly in magic find set-up.

If you can live without the all resist, i'd say get some new bracers. I'm not sure of your survivability but you can make up alot of vit & damage if you cull some all res. Also, i'd strongly suggest getting a Mempo helm with a socket.

You should be able to get 2 of the 3 damage stats (CD, CC, AS), you may have to lose a little HP. Shoulders are nice except they are missing some AR. If you want to stay WF, pick up one with a socket. I don't believe they are THAT expensive
I don't understand why people always suggest for me to get a Windforce with a socket. 24 million gold for 1% Crit dmg? There is absolutely no point :)

This one was 20 mil. Expensive enough.

Jesus **** you are one rich bastard. Uh... let me see... I'd guess I'd go for a better Reflection. I don't doubt someone with double socketed radiant stars in their manticore could afford one with crit chance or damage as a random affix.

(For me, keep in mind i r poor D: Also because Bnet doesn't want to link to anything but my SC2 profile)

You should upgrade your chest with 3 sockets. You can find really nice rares with dex, ar, vit and disc for cheap now.
Monsta, I love your build.. that AS is just mindblowing!

I want crit chance, leech, vit and pick up radius but not shore what should be my next upgrade, any idea would be appretiated.

Your item is good already on budget DH, but you need to add more dps for fast killing on higher MP's
@Ana, I'd upgrade that manticore or get some pants with vit.

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