Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

Demon Hunter
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01/02/2013 01:21 PMPosted by Seeyle
@evilbunz I would get a hellfire to replace the unity and a stronger nat's ring. Should be able to get a solid +average damage nat ring for cheap, like mine.


Get rid of the bone hawk off hand Crossbow and get a good dead mans legacy quiver.


You could use a new quiver as well

Nice job on the calamity bow, never seen those stats before, I still have a manticore that I am happy with but always happy for more suggestions.

Pretty beast tanky build.
I'd maybe get a Nats chest for the extra 20 disp
Plz what is my next upgrade? Having a hard time deciding
Knives Iwould suggest mempo w/crit if you can get one
@Eswift90- You either need to beef up your gloves or maybe your amulet with All Res and Vitality. You are a bit too squishy right now. You only have 178k ehp.

@Eva-link your profile
@Eswift90- You either need to beef up your gloves or maybe your amulet with All Res and Vitality. You are a bit too squishy right now. You only have 178k ehp.

@Eva-link your profile

@Neoshinji, very solid build. You can probably get a nice manticore and I can see it increase your dps by a large margin.

Some nice gear there, to improve your DPS you definitely need to get rid of the Leoric's. Apart from exp, it really does nothing else for your character.

Someone help me with mine... stuff to improve my DPS slightly, without sacrficing too much of EHP costs me a kidney and a liver, which I cannot afford to give up. LOL, any advice is appreciated! Thx

I think you are at a stage where you have to spend over hundred million and millions for the next upgrade, yet you will only see a marginal increase in DPS or eHP.

For example, Nat Ring with cc, Mempo with cc, DML with DEX/Vit over 300 points and so on.

You have a lot to be gained by getting a weapon with a socket (obvious reasons).
I also see a lot of dps left in your nats ring and EHP in your helm (mempo?)

Nice gear, awsome DPS! maybe upgrade bracers is all :)

I need help w/dps and I'm spread very thin w/5 60's and 2 grandsons!
Get a Manticore with 2 socket
@Nidale shoulders :)

Get that manti to a 1200+!

every upgrade for you is going to be expensive.. the most obvious is getting a better hell fire ring.. and a little more resistance will be good. you have almost max in every piece.
@ghozty gems might be a good up for you
@justice you can upgrade that left ring you have on and get dex, CC, CD
@lpurel I would either get Vile wards with vit or pickup radius, or bracers with vit and/or pickup radius
@LFHaunt I can't find your Diablo 3 profile

Depending on whether you want more vitality or critical hit chance, i would recommend an upgraded Natalya's Embrace or a critical hit chance Natalya's reflection

Can squeeze out 100+ vitality on an upgraded Embrace - Around 35 Mil
Equally more critical hit chance for Natalya's Reflection would work - 50 to 60 Mil

I like the one-handed Calamity/DML item build. Been wanting to try that for ages but never been able to amass a significant amount of gold for a good Calamity

I'm not very skilled at this sort of thing but from what I can tell you could probably see if you can find better Crit Chance on your pants.

If not, try to see if possible to upgrade your quiver for one with Hungering Arrow increase. The extra 10% on there is always a bonus.

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