Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

Demon Hunter
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Thanks. I've upgraded my ants for 200 more life on hit and 80 or so dex.
I've upgraded my DML for more attack speed, dex and fit (and elemental arrow damage)
I've also put 70% gems in chest piece.

(will be upgrading gems probably after i get much more gold)

mmm thanks for the suggestions. WIll probably go for the ammy or ring first. Will then upgrade the bracers...i imagine that will cost a lot =p

@ GlassDanse
hard to say, your gear is pretty darn good =)
Maybe your amulet with more crit damage or attack speed?
Potentially also your gloves (with AR or attack speed as well) - very expensive i think.
Maybe a witching hour (though that depends how it would affect your health/dps)
EDIT: Maybe also a nats ring with crit damage (rather than crit chance), though it also depends on how it would affect your dp/health.
@ Vendettas

crit chance on left ring. Hellfire.

Socket on weapon.
You don't need such a high atk speed. Lose the speed on the gloves in favour of high crit dmg + high crit chance and high dex and maybe some vit. Or upgrade nat's boots with high dex , similar AR.

ps : gloves is an obvious one for me, so pls give another suggestion :D
^hyre, a 8% inna pant with all res will let you live longer with almost no lost in dps
bonta, I would get a strongarm bracers with more +dex
12/03/2012 06:11 AMPosted by Charlie
bonta, I would get a strongarm bracers with more +dex

Upgrading to a better xbow with +cdam and a socket would be good, but comparable stats or a major upgrade will probably cost a fair amount. The most immediate thing would be to stick a good ruby in your helm for faster paragon levels. Other than that, picking up more movespeed somewhere to hit that 24% from armor is always helpful.
Caffeine, I would suggest a new ring with CC and CD. New shoulders would be nice also - try to get AR Dex and Vit on the shoulders. :)
@Ayshoon I think that your next upgrade should be a witching hour.

Manticore! =).

Im lost... need good advice to where to go from here.

Amulet! maybe lose the 50vit and Im sure you can get one with way way more dps.

No manticore for me, I like using bows!
@zeRkaz Maybe a new inna pants for either high vit or high res would benefit you more than your current one, or you could go for a 150+ dex 50+ vit one if you want to boost your dps as well
Naz, I feel like your bracers are the next obvious upgrade for you, it is an easy place to pickup 2 crit.

Youre gear is pretty nasty as it is ;) Though these are minor upgrades, I would get a witching hour and upgrade your innas pants with either high vit and dex, or vice versa. Other than that, very nice DH Bro ;) Nice to see someone rocking a rare xbow for once!!
@Lifeblood: maybe get 2 os manticore or a better dml? I know both of them would be expensive
@Dttin i would say upgrade ur gems to bigger ones , quiver to dml and if hv the chance a higher dps 2 os manticore.
@Xtasis I'd get a better amulet

Better mempo

better calamity with a socket?

your gear is pretty awesome so it would be a sidegrade if anything, nice DH buddy!

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