Next upgrade for dh above you V.2

Demon Hunter
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your inna's temperance have some really nice vit on them, although i play just fine under 40k hp and without gloom to boot. i would consider getting a new pair with high dex and 9% ias. you would certainly lose some hp but would gain a healthy amount of dps.
Donny. Cool build nice gear. Looks pretty functional but I'd maue go for more ar to get the most out of your hp. All your gear is balanced so it's hard to say what to switch

I got 350 mil to upgrade
Pretty decent DH you got there. I would say drop the nat helmet and go for Mempo. I know you will be used to the 20 disc but you could get a lot more dex/vit/ar/IAS. Whit that increase of Dex, you could switch your inna belt for a witching hour with dex/vit/ar.

This is with assuming you want to keep your calamity. Otherwise, get yourself a 2soc, 1200dps manti. Watch your dps skyrocket.

I will get a hellfire ring soon.

Alu beat me to it :(

just get a better left ring. I'm sure you can get good trifecta, depending on your budget. You have lots of AR and vit, so go for tri+dex only.
Alucardx Haha I wish I knew what to tell you to get. Your DH checks off with me wish we could trade toons haha.
you have to try to helpout Tiago. I just did 2 guys :)

your cheapest upgrade is certainly right ring :)
@tiago.... Wtf man. Probably your weakest item is worth more than my entire character. If I had to pick, I could say you might be able to squeeze some more dex out of some of your Natalya's gears, but that would be ridiculously expensive.

Nicely geared DH.
The only thing I can suggest is a Radiant Star Emerald in your crossbow,
and perhaps another 10% CC from Gloves, amulet and ring

You know what you are doing ... :)
But if you're looking for an upgrade, I think you could replace Inna's Belt with a Witching hour (with DEX and All Resist). Inna's Favor is great for Black Damage Weapons, but the Manti has poison Damage. The extra attack speed and CD on the WH should make up for the 130 Dex set bonus.

What can be said of a 300+k dps, 400+AR, trifecta jewelry-wearing DH? lol

If I could point out anything, you might be able to upgrade the Natalya's boots (250+ dex) and there's some wiggle room for more CC% at your bracer slot. Or even a set of Vile Wards with high dex/vit.

But seriously though, you have some awesome gear already!
@ Howdy

Maybe more dex on the boots? Or get vit on ammy

Your hellfire ring dayum....
@ xxxkan

You have a nice DH. Don't know what to say... maybe you should get a manti with 2 sockets, you could also get more vit and upgrade your rings.
Anyway you have a really decent gear and better than mine :P
@Slak3r get some better rings. The set bonus on those isn't even worth wasting the 2 slots.
@Nick not sure considering your dh is pretty godly
i'm assuming probably the bracers

Maybe get a good pair of Vile Wards as well as upgrade your gems a bit
Need to raise your EHP, i'd start with the bracers, get some all res on them.

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