my char gone invisible and can't move

Bug Report
i'm playing my HC monk today when suddenly my char disappear and can't move or attack, but monsters still can attack me and my skill and potion can use.

this happens when i'm dealing one pack of rare with fire chain in inferno !and it just scare the S**T out of me, i have to pause and call for help, and my pal also can't see me in the game and my enchantress didn't leave. luckily i'm not dead and after leave and re-entry, everything back normal again, this is my second time with this situation, both monk in HC inferno.

hope you guys can figure it out soon
If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post :
I confirm the existence of this bug. Disappearance occurs when you use the skill "Dashing Strike" with various runes. Become invisible character ceases to attack, can not move, but continues to receive damage. Here's the video bug, the Russian section of the forum: . Bug is very serious, because usually leads to the death of the character.

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