Average damage wrong on some rings/amulets?

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Kind of a repost from my other thread in General (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200184079) but cleaned up for bug submission.

Most of the rings on the AH show correct average damage calcs. Some do not, though. I came across this ring on the AH:


It has +29-42 damage which should average out to 35.5, but the AH says its average is 61. It also comes up in a search when specifying for a minimum average damage of 60.

Another one on the AH:

Damage +32-67 should average to 49.5, yet the AH says it has an average of 64.

I also have some rings in my inventory that do this:

+21-71 damage should average 46, but AH says 62

+30-43 damage should average 36.5, but AH says 60

+29-56 damage should average 42.5, but AH says 61.

I’m not suggesting that this is an AH bug (or maybe I just fail at math), but that there may be something weird about how the game is actually calculating +damage on these wonky items. The reason I say this is because I still have some rings that exhibit this behavior on the AH when I try to sell them, and when equipped, they raise my DPS way more than they should on paper. Additionally, I used to have two rings with almost identical stats, yet the goofy one would raise my dps WAY higher by like several thousand. They both had a fairly low +damage of something like +30-40, yet when right clicking -> Search for similar items, the search would populate Average Damage with something way higher for one of them.

For comparison sake, I currently equip a ring with +28-91 damage, which should average out to 59.5. When right clicking -> Search for similar items, the AH search populates correctly specifying an average damage of 60. My paperdoll dps shows an appropriate increase in dps.

Based on the fact that the weird one I used to use *did* increase my dps as if it had the higher average damage than what it shows, is there a bug with the game about how it calculates +damage stats into dps? The AH sees them as having a higher avg damage than they should actually have, and the dps calculation on my paperdoll stats show the same mysterious increase. I’m pretty sure I also still have an amulet that is doing this, but I’ll have to verify when I get home. I also have many other rings, but they're all showing the correct average damage in the AH.
An interesting thing I found out while importing my character on d3up.com :


This is one of my currently equipped rings, with the average number showing way too high on AH when I found it...

D3up seems to add another +22 Minimum damage that is not shown on the in-game tooltip.

Is that minimum damage affix really on the item and then is it simply a tooltip bug that can't show average damage + min/max damage on the same part ?

That's a good question...
Reposting a reply I made to another thread on the topic:

Items can roll both min-max damage and +min damage (maybe +max also but I haven't seen one yet). When this happens the tooltip does not show the +min value. Only the tooltip is bugged. The damage is calculated correctly everywhere else.

You can see its bugged two ways:

If you use the ring to search for similar on the AH you will see that the average damage doesn't add up to what the tooltip says. The number the AH shows is the real average damage.

For example my monk has a bugged ring. The tooltip says +17–34 Damage but the AH says the average damage is 33.

The second way will actually show you the missing +min damage prop. You can see it using the D3 API if one of your characters is wearing the item.

I'll use my monk as an example on how to view it.


If you are in Europe change us to eu. Use your battletag and the number on the end you can get by going to your character's profile and looking at the address.

When you view the page you will see a lot of stuff. Find your ring (easiest to search for its name). Look under it where is says "tooltipParams" and there will be a large string. Use it in the address below.


Here you can see the attributes the game shows in the tooltip:

"attributes" : [ "+17–34 Damage", "+44 Strength", "+134 Vitality", "+25 Cold Resistance" ]

However if you look at the raw attributes you will see (among the other props):

"Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical" : {
"min" : 15.0,
"max" : 15.0

"Damage_Delta#Physical" : {
"min" : 17.0,
"max" : 17.0

"Damage_Min#Physical" : {
"min" : 17.0,
"max" : 17.0

Damage_Min#Physical is the minimum part of the damage range.
(Damage_Min#Physical + Damage_Delta#Physical) is the maximum part of the damage range.
Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical is the +min damage missing from the tooltip.

This has been known to players for a while but I haven't seen Blizzard acknowledge it yet. This is also where some of the confusion of missing props on legendaries comes from.

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