CM/Meteor/LL build without FN or DS


MP8 Video:

Gear / Playstyle: Click my profile / watch the video.


Works best around MP4-6 for my gear (140k dps). Higher MP is possible but you lose a lot of efficiency when you can't kill elites quickly enough to stop them running around like idiots (crowd control diminishing returns come into play). As such, i'd recommend MP2-4 for most people.

Essentially you're replacing Frost Nova spam with stun/freeze from gear and LL + Paralysis, freeing up a lot of cast time for more dps and mobility via teleport. Decent EHP is recommended, good CC/IAS as well, and i find 18 APoC is enough.

You could probably change almost anything in the build and still have it function, but there are fairly specific reasons for every rune and passive i've chosen, some of which are based on heavy theorycrafting, while others are very much personal preference (questions or comments welcomed!).

At the end of the day, SNS or Archon may very well be "better" but i encourage people to experiment a little bit anyway, you might be surprised at just how efficient you can be without spamming FN+DS+EB.


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