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Gems/sockets are severly lacking.

Add stats in armor.
Add MF, GF, Life, or EXP in helm.
Add thorns, LOH, crit dmg, or +dmg in weapon.

I know this isn't D2 and the whole fantastic rune system it had, but they can at least add more to the gems.

Say they add a diamond (values given for radiant star):
Armor: +112 armor and +56 all res (+8,+4 per gem level, starting at 8,4)
Helm: +14% attack speed (+1% per gem level, starting at 1%)
Weapon: +9% crit chance (+.5% per gem level, starting at 2.5%)

This will give MUCH more build diversity when it comes to socketable items. Of course, the diamond in helm will probably be the most used gem in that socket, as attack speed is huge.

Wish there was a "Suggestion" section on these forums...

EDIT: After thinking about it, I decided to raise the armor and the all res (doubling them, Jay Wilson style) since the damage and defensive boosts from other gems outweighed the defensive only boosts from the diamond.
^ Made a WoW account (free 30 days) and now it wants me to post on D3 with it... makes little sense lol.
Yeah, not sure what Blizzard was thinking with this current gem system. It's absurdly dumb and bland. +58 main stat... hooray.

EDIT: 1800 thorns on weapon, LMFAO. Always amuses me.
Yeah... what where they thinking when they thought thorns on a weapon gem was a good idea. Of course, can always pop one of those in a weapon socket of a really low lvl and just run through packs on normal and kill them w/ thorns. Other than that, no use at all.
we need jewels to be added like in D2
why is the armor increase pale in comparison to the AR? considering 10 armor = 1 AR (on equal term), your ratio of giving 112 armor along with 56 AR is out of place. why would the gem give both instead of just one? like 65 AR at max or 650 armor.
I'd really like to see skulls brought back as drops off of Uniques (Named) and Mid/End Act bosses. And *cough* players! ^_^ Skulls instead of Ears! Socket your foes for great power!

Simply put, they'll cover life recovery mechanics.

In weapon: Life Steal
In Helm: Life on Hit
In Other: Life per second

With a twist, since you can only get them as drops, each gem should also add a bonus to
Life After Kill, +Health from Globes/Potions to a much smaller degree, but in addition to the bonus garnered from putting the Skull in particular place.

I've also considered including a +Heal from spending resource component to one of the slots, but I'm not sure which. I'd just like to see Skulls cover a broad area of Life mechanics!
Well, I highly doubt the devs are going to go with your exact values on what a diamond could do, but I do definitely agree with you that D3 could do with lots more gems and things to socket into gear.

I mean, just the fact that there's more gear to equip in D3 than in D2 makes part of the difference big. Not only helms, chest and weapons can be socketed, but also pants, rings and amulets, too. Gotta feature Diamonds, Sapphires...Skulls would be nice to see back, though I think they should different types of skulls...Demon Skulls, Angel Skulls, Human least if they don't intend to bring back runewords...

Although, I posted something about bringing runewords back some time ago, via the Blacksmith and recipes...I don't think it got much attention.

Anyway, yes, can't wait for more gems. :-)

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