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I ordered gold before going to bed last night, I wake up this morning and still no gold. Now i know that it takes time to process yada yada.. Though it doesn't take 8 hours. I do not understand why some things take forever. I understand the possability of credit card fraud etc etc. Though quite honestly, especially if you order with paypal or something like that, there is an authentication.. via phone or pass code. So why is it that it takes 9 hours? it doesn't even take that long to order something off your sight like digital games. What is the difference here?
clearly says whats taking so long in the e-mail they send you when you buy gold or do anything in the rmah
I love the flame war that is about to happen. Though it doesn't say, it says could take up to 48 hours. Though what is the point? If it is going to say in the email hey you should be able to click completed and it be there.. then why isn't it there? Also, I am not what is wrong with his game. Just because I have sold and bought gold on the RMAH doesn't mean that I am bad for this game. Just because you are probably a 15 year old kid and don't have money to spend, don't hate.
if you had the money in your battle net balance and you bought gold .. you need to go into the completed tab in the rmah and send to stash.. unles there is a difference when you buy a large amount of gold instead of 10-20 million
i don't put my own money in but i sell stuff for a couple bucks here and there and let it build up then buy some gold
there is still a difference. I already checked the completed tab, I am not that dense :P I am just saying. They send you an email also stating you have won and its in your completed tab. Though its not, this isn't the first time I have bought gold. Though this is the first time it has taking 8 hours to retrieve it
11/26/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Odahn
i don't put my own money in but i sell stuff for a couple bucks here and there and let it build up then buy some gold

I never use the blizzard bank system, because then you cannot retrieve your money... if you just want to up and quit. I mean unless you bought gold then flipped it to send to paypal, I suppose that would work. Though regardless I do not put it in there. I just feel its not a safe thing :P

The latest transaction for a gold purchase on your account is showing as "Failed" which would be why you haven't received it.

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