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I have a quad core AMD processor with 6gb of ram and a decent gfx card with 512 dedicated and 3gb or shared ram.
I can play skyrim, MW3, TF2 and pretty much everything else on medium to max settings.
For some reason, I cannot run Diablo smoothly at all. The weird thing is, I get 60ish fps and a ton of stutters that drop me down to around 5 fps. No matter what settings or resolution I'm on, I always start off with 60 fps and drop whenever I actually play. Max settings on the highest resolution gives me the same performance as lowest settings on 800x600.
Does anyone else have this issue or know of a solution?
Bumping this.
maybe try running it in old style gfx?
Bumping again. This is frustrating.

My core2duo iMac from 4 years ago plays it better than this computer. It's got like half the specs of this one.

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