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Witch Doctor
Over the past few weeks i have been getting players saying I am the best WD they have seen. I don't forum very much but it seems there are some seriously sick WD's out there in a lot of different ways too. I have never seen anyone use my build before, all pets all poison, keepin it focused like a laser. I only crit 350-525k but I almost never die, even up to mp10.

Anyone wanna stroke my ego a bit?????

Thnak you in advance, also, take random friends anytime :)
not bad. but far from good.

single target dmg blows, light years behind aoe dmg.

it's one way to play forsure. but far far from being good.
Average at best and I would shoot myself in the foot before trying that build. Maybe if I were playing HC. SC is all about damage and you are light in that area.

For someone to be making those types of comments towards you ... you are either:

a) playing in public games where there is no MP level and everyone sucks
b) playing with people who have never played with a decent WD
That is a great build if you are concerned about surviving, but it is far from optimal for speed of clearing content. If survivability was your goal, though, I would say that that build is pretty damned good.
It's sad that you have given up mana generation and max mana on both your knife and your mojo. You might as well be playing with a Skorn.

If you like poison so much why didn't you get a Manajuma mojo and run with a poison cloud?

Not a good build for high MP at all.

Maybe you can play at a reasonable speed in MP7, higher than that you probably crawl along.

Lose those Lacuni bracers, they aren't doing you any favors. There are much better ones with 200 int or more and decent vitality on the AH.
I think that your build is pretty good for survival. If you have the LoH to justify it, I would consider switching out RoT for Splinters. Also, you might want to drop BBV. Some people love BBV; some people hate it. I am one of the latter. I think that you could get much more sustained damage without the ridiculous cooldowns from SH. Most of the people I see that are in love with BBV are ZB guys with LS because it allows them to DPS down elites before their mana runs out and they die.

Also, get some better Lacuni's, as mentioned above.

With this build, you should have no probs with farming MP3-5 and should be able to tank up to MP7-9. Unlike some of the other posters on this thread, I consider running anything over MP5 to be quite an accomplishment.

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