Monk beginner, stats needed for higher mp

I'm rolling a monk and was wondering what stats are a good general rule of thumb to aim for. Once I hit inferno and level 60, I want to gear my monk out as best I can and I want something to aim for. If I don't aim for certain numbers, I end up having 3-4 pieces of gear that need like 300main stat and 200 vit each.

If anyone can MELT mp3 or higher.. as in practically 1 shot everything OR go through Mp3 as fast as mp0 because of your stats, can you tell me what your stats are?

Dex, Vit, DPS unbuffed/buffed, HP, attack speed, crit chance, AR, LOH or Life on kill or life regen, crit damage, etc.?

What about doing mp5 or higher? What are the stats I need to shoot for that?

My barb has 125k dps buffed and can do Mp4 and mp5 with a few deaths but with that boost from WOTB I hit almost 300k DPS for 30 seconds. Mp6 is tough.
Just curious how much DPS you need for a monk?
I once did some experiments to see what sort of gear/stats could be purchased on the AH for various amount of money and about what MP the corresponding Monk could play at. Here's what I found. (Note, I never spent more than 1 day looking for gear, so if you're patient, and you are buying the gear as you level up your Monk, you could potentially do even better than this):

25K gold
AR/Armor: 520 / 4833
Life/EHP: 41K / 393K
DPS: 17K
Heal: 812 LoH
MP-1 capable

65K gold
AR/Armor: 566 / 5558
Life/EHP: 42K / 464K
DPS: 26K
Heal: 513 LoH
MP-2 capable

2M gold
AR/Armor: 620 / 5660
Life/EHP: 32K / 380K
DPS: 52K
Heal: 5.7% LS
MP-3 capable

5M gold
AR/Armor: 571/ 5700
Life/EHP: 38K / 429K
DPS: 61K
Heal: 5.9% LS
MP-4 capable

6M gold
AR/Armor: 571/ 5828
Life/EHP: 38K / 439K
DPS: 72K
Heal: 3% LS
MP-5 capable

Note also that my monk was about paragon level 30, so there's about 100 extra Dex in there. Also, I don't really know how your character sheet DPS corresponds to actual DPS for Barbs, but for Monks I think that high crit chance combined with and Sweeping Winds winds up giving you much higher effective DPS.
@ Demiwraith
hmm interesting
when you say 25K is that 25,000 or 250,000?
from your stats I'm missing armour and LS ... but my AR is high though so I can sacrafice some of that..
what MP do you think I can go for right now?
just started inferno

25K is 25,000. That one was all buyouts of 2000 gold or less.
65K is 65,000. All buyouts of 5000 gold or less. Do a forum search for "Dirt Cheap Monk" if you want to see the gear I used.

Personally, I find having at least some life steal mandatory as you go up in MP. Or at least Life on Hit. You don't have either, so I'd probably use Transcendence until you get a weapon with some Life steal. If I were you, I'd probably switch Combo Strike for Transcendence. (You can also swap out DR:Foresight for Blinding Flash if you want another "oh crap" button with approximately the same effective DPS boost). Then give MP-4 a shot and adjust from there.
Wow you serious? that's just crazy good!!! 25K / 65K? 2Mil? 5Mil?
OMG I should've read your guide too before I went and AH @_@

you make my 4.7mil monk look overbudget lol
and I thought I did good too... = /

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