Exact EHP calculation?

Does anyone know the exact formula that diabloprogress uses to calculate EHP? My EHP went down a bit when I upgraded my necklace to something with more DEX and slightly less INT. That tells me diabloprogress doesn't use Dodge chance to calculate EHP. I would like to know the exact formula they use so I can manually check if something is an upgrade or not.
I'm fairly sure EHP excludes things that depend on RNG, like dodge or block.

As for the specific formula, google it.
Never had a problem with diablo progress's ehp calc. Did you lose Str with your new ammy, str adds armor?
d3rawr and diabloprogress use entirely different formulas, do they not?
I'm fairly sure EHP excludes things that depend on RNG, like dodge or block.As for the specific formula, google it.

Actually it should and does include dodge and block.
How can that be the case when dodge and block are not fixed mitigation? Do they just assume RNG rolls exactly the amount you have? Say if you have 30% dodge the formula just assumes you dodge 30% of attacks, even though you could dodge all or none?
I got more EHP via d3rawr but lost EHP via diabloprogress. As for dodge and block, I think they do an "on average" estimate. So 30% dodge equates to a 30% reduction in damage. As for the block thing, I have 70% block chance and that adds a lot of EHP with high armor and all res.
12/04/2012 10:51 AMPosted by Aracknid
As for the specific formula, google it.

Cannot find the exact formula via google. I think diabloprogress might have it not available for viewing.
The exact formula isn't listed for some reason -- it was not too long ago. Your dodge is calculated into the score for what it's worth. I kept my eye on the score changes. A good example is when I switched out my Mempo for an IK helm with melee reduction. The score went up by almost 75k (this was including the set bonus).

There are diminishing returns on your EHP though; dodge and AR are a couple of gear points that diminish in terms of effectiveness according to the EHP scores.

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