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Demon Hunter
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thanks Quos.

Wow look at that score....
Janz7777 would also have a 70k+ score if he posted. Rule 7 of the Hall is that I don't post people's scores unless they request it in game or in the thread. I don't want to post their info without their permission.
Hall Score: 15,095.76

DPS Score: 142.61
EHP Score: 50.18
Sustain Score: 1.17
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.22
Misc Score: 1.20

What do you think 3% LS should be worth in terms of dps?

I think that this is a hard question to answer.

The lower your eHP (as long as it's not too low) the more the LS is valuable. I remember a long time ago I could kill myself in under a second without LS against an RD mob. But these days I have a couple seconds even without LS.

It's sounds kind of weird but IMO the lower your DPS the more valuable LS is because it's pretty cheap to replace a couple thousand DPS in another slot, and as a percentage, the raw number is much lower.

I remember when I was at 100k dps (raw), I felt pretty comfortable giving up 5k dps (ie 5%) for lifesteal.

Now sitting on 230k dps, the thought of giving up 11.5k dps (approx 5%) for lifesteal is a little harder to swallow, though I think I'd still do it. Before I tried it out, I thought I'd probably prefer the 22k dps option over the 2.8% LS option (at 210k dps), but in practice I didn't realize how not-close it was. The 22k wins hands down.

I'm not sure how I would model LS from a blank slate, and I'm not sure that having it be a set constant percentage of DPS is the best model, though I've thought about it and can't offer a better model.

I think that 10% of DPS is still high for the most part but something I can accept as within the realm of reality. As Quos noted indirectly, LS and LoH are better if you are using a bow, and even more better if you are using 1h xbows. And LoH scales inversely with DPS (or more specifically scales poorly as damage per attack goes up, it's just that often attack speed stays relatively constant (barring type of weapon switching) while damage will increase substantially as your gear improves.).
I'm not even close :(.

Hall Score: 13,037.83

DPS Score: 222.43
EHP Score: 38.56
Sustain Score: 1.05
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.09
Misc Score: 1.07
I'm going to consider lowering the coefficient on LS to .1. I do want to wait until I see what Blizzard does with RD in the new patch. If it's nerfed a lot, then LS without gloom might become more viable at least at the lower MP levels.
Update after a few Upgrades :)

Hall Score: 34,693.22

DPS Score: 249.70
EHP Score: 62.90
Sustain Score: 1.17
Move Score: 1.25
Paragon Score: 1.39
Misc Score: 1.09

Edit: Also why is paragon factored in? It seem like if two people have equal scores but one has 50 less paragon the person with lower paragon is actually better.
I put the Paragon in because I wanted to make sure that anyone at the very top has played a lot instead of just using CC/AH flips to get their gear. I think it's the spirit of any Hall that the top people should have a lot of play time and know their class thoroughly. In a prior iteration of the Barb Hall, there was an Elite Kills requirement, but I thought the Paragon score made more sense and was easier to implement.
Hall Score: 38,036.64

DPS Score: 263.91
EHP Score: 73.73
Sustain Score: 1.08
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.39
Misc Score: 1.05
Hall Score: 38,571.05

DPS Score: 292.83
EHP Score: 71.46
Sustain Score: 1.13
Move Score: 1.25
Paragon Score: 1.24
Misc Score: 1.05

should be much higher had i not sold my manti + nat reflection.

1h xbow
Can we have a Danetta's set Hall? ;)

Hall Score: 33,478.53

DPS Score: 210.56
EHP Score: 71.50
Sustain Score: 1.39
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.21
Misc Score: 1.07
12/12/2012 04:23 PMPosted by Nick
I also feel this formula favors manticore users a lot more than users of any other type of weapon. If I were to equip a manticore of similar value to my calamity, I'd go up a few k in score.

Try a DW Danetta's set. ;)
Btw, we should probably have a DualWield category? A 1H+DML is different from a DW despite both using 1 Hander(s).

Edit: And I am the only DW player in the 1H wing. Hehe.
12,632 right here. I'm happy with that.
Hall Score: 48,487.40

DPS Score: 324.21
EHP Score: 71.43
Sustain Score: 1.12
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.47
Misc Score: 1.02
Bow user

Hall Score: 21,290.06

DPS Score: 185.79
EHP Score: 44.66
Sustain Score: 1.47
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.34
Misc Score: 1.05

Updating hall score.

Hall Score: 36,981.42

DPS Score: 203.10
EHP Score: 57.66
Sustain Score: 1.54
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.10
Update after some minor upgrades

Hall Score: 40,863.63

DPS Score: 297.08
EHP Score: 72.33
Sustain Score: 1.08
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.38
Misc Score: 1.02
I thought I would update.

Hall Score: 41,533.19

DPS Score: 307.16
EHP Score: 64.70
Sustain Score: 1.10
Move Score: 1.24
Paragon Score: 1.50
Misc Score: 1.02

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