Error 3003...Is server still down?

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I cant log in even though server status shows it is up.
Anyone having the same problem? Mac user here
Server is up now but I can't launch the game. Blizzard Launcher has downloaded today's update but when I launch the game and log in, an alert comes up saying something along the lines of:

"A new patch has been released. D3 will now quit and update the patch and you will be able to play"

It then quits and the launcher tells me the program is up to date. But when I launch it says the same thing...

Endless loop. Anyone else have this issue? Any fixes?

[The game was working fine a few hours ago until the patch and the servers went down]
I think the server is still not playable.

If refer to the breaking news inside the client it is saying that the server will be playable on or after 11:00 am PST.

Between 5:00 am PST until 11:00 am PST the server is still unavailable even-though the server shows it's up.
Check again and see if you can connect.
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