getting to +100k damage unbuffed

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Is there an alternate way of getting to the 100k+ damage mark without SS or a 2os Manticore?
if you have SS on, you're automatically not counting unbuffed dps, heh.

100k unbuffed dps seems fairly easy to get (according to diablo progress, i'm at 94k-ish unbuffed, my character sheet dps is 128k). i don't use sharpshooter or a manticore and i've relied pretty much purely on gear my friends or i have found.

i think your main problem is that you're buying terrible rolls of best in slot items (at least i'm assuming you didn't find all of those). you probably wasted a couple million gold so far because you wanted a mempo, depth diggers, vile wards, etc... you can probably find dps upgrades from those items for much less than you paid for those items.

a lot of those legendaries are only really used if they get a near perfect roll (crit chance on the mempo, over 200 base stat on the vile wards, etc...).
more crit chance and crit damage will get you there
Change your amulet with one with CC and CD and try to get that 2nd or 3rd Nats piece to get a huge dps boost with 7cc and 130 dex bonus from the set
go for a 1300+dps base socketed crossbow you will easily hit 100k or even 150k
Yea, I have 190k unbuffed. I did not spend a ton of gold on my character to get there so it should be no problem at today's prices.

KKmok is right, a High Base damage socketed crossbow will help a good bit.
U were focusing on the wrong type of gear.. for one the Memp would be the last thing you should get coz only one with Crit chance is worth the price and it dont come cheap.. anything else use an Andy's . much cheaper and way more powerful that your current helm
( cannot compare to a really good rolled Memp though)

try to get items with both Crit Chance and Crit damage.

try up your resist.. U can use my character as a sample .. there are cheaper versions of the items I am currently using which can easiy boost your damage above 100k unbuffed
I dual wield and am at 109k DPS without any damage passives including Archery.

I stack crit chance, crit damage, IAS, and +avg damage.
I dual wield and am at 109k DPS without any damage passives including Archery.

I stack crit chance, crit damage, IAS, and +avg damage.

Not trying to flame or troll, but why do you not use Archery? It is probably one of the best skills we have, at least I think it is..

I would still be well over 100k DPS without it, but why not take the extra CD (or in your case CC)?

Different build for different folks I suppose, but I do not see the advantage.

EDIT: My bad, just looked at your profile, your saying WITHOUT it you have 109k DPS. I mis-read.
Of couse it is possible, in fact I have over 220k dps without sharpshooter or a manticore (using the bow on my scoundrel). I would suggest getting a similar bow, maybe a bit cheaper and lower dmg, but try to avoid ones with atk speed imo (mine is worth under 10mil these days). Then look to get either a cheap nats ring or nat's boots with like 150+ dex, or both. Also get a better gem for your bow (probably a perfect star emerald). You could probably lose a bit of RA and get some more dmg and/or life. IMO you have too much RA, you should be at like 350-450.
i have well over 100k ubuffed dmg.

i am able to do this with several limitations, my secret is stacking dex.

limitations i overcome:
1)legacy nats
2)my gloves only have crit chance on them, no crit dmg or attack speed.
3)my rings also only have 1 of those stats, crit chance on one, attack speed on the other.
4)my amulet only has crit dmg on it, no crit chance or attack speed.
Doesn't having Archery and Steady Aim count as buffed dps?
dont have steady aim on, and without archery im at around 130k
100k unbuffed damage is not that difficult. I don't use Manticore and I'm sitting on 119k unbuffed dps. Just goes to show you, you don't need a Manticore to hit decent dps markers. Take a look at my profile for gear suggestions.

Heres also a link of what I look at to check all my real stats. To search for you, enter your battle tag ID example i type in bravebreaker#1396 and it finds you on diablo progress.
11/27/2012 07:03 AMPosted by BlizardSpree
Is there an alternate way of getting to the 100k+ damage mark without SS or a 2os Manticore?

A good rare weapon with high dps, cd & socket will do. Or stack as, your profile number will be high
Yes it is possible, Crit Dmg is very effective in +DPS, try getting a Radiant Star Emerald gem (+100% CD) for your weapon. Or getting a high base dmg weapon with Open socket and crit damage.
ok thanks for all the input, but i looks like none of you considered the fact that i might have a fairly low budget
@ BlizardSpree

You have some nice pieces, I would suggest getting Nat's boots ASAP. Additionally, I would recommend that you get some new gauntlets with just Dex, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage/IAS. You really don't need all that res all. Similarly, you should look at getting a new amulet and off hand ring that have more damage affixes. Shoot for jewelry that has main stat plus 3 of the following, average damage, crit chance, crit damage, and IAS.

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