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what can i do to upgrade my wizard more? any suggestions?
For build and gear ideas, take a look at mine. More Life on Hit and Regen for CM wizzys is a must. Mind you I still have a couple of gear pieces I'm working on upgrading, but it's a step. I personally think 2 handers are a waste of time. You will get more dps with a good wand and a good source, plus other important abilities upgraded. I'm by no means the strongest CM wizzy out there, but I do fairly well MP 5-7 usually, with the right group higher.
I'm moving this thread to the Wizard class forums so that the knowledgeable folks there can help you out. :)
I think this is the first blue post in our forum!

@ killitis - If you're going to go 2h, you're going to want to go for LS. It's one of two reasons for using a 2h (the other being that it's more DPS per gold cost for mid-level weapons).

I'd recommend giving archon a try, since it's closer to your current gear than CM. Really, aside from some niches, they're really the two viable builds right now.

Also, it looks like you're running with the templar. He's a decent guy, but not much of a help. I assume you like the AP-regen. Try the scoundrel. With your CD%, his +3CC% will be a good chunk of bonus damage.
AHA!!! blue post in wiz forum!!!
You can try swapping out Galvanizing Ward for Glass Cannon and change the rune of Energy Armor to Pinpoint Barrier (5% Crit Chance increase).

You have decent life on hit and some regen, you don't need GW as much as you think you do.

As far as gear goes, just upgrade where you can.
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I'm moving this thread to the Wizard class forums so that the knowledgeable folks there can help you out. :)

I see what you did there, now we're gonna feel really guilty if we don't help out :P

Ma'am yes ma'am, see what I can do...


There ah, glad that high expectation is over!
Currently your gloves have no int or attack speed.

If you give up come crit chance, and some crit damage, the gains you can make from the Int and attack speed will more than make up for the dps loss.

Also you could invest in a pair of vile wards with higher intelligence.

And finally I would recommend that you try out Improved Archon if/when you get some movement speed in act 3 on MP0, you might just be able to keep it up nearly forever in places like keep depths 2/1, crater lvl 2
Kidding, wasn't gonna leave ya hanging killtits. Other than what's already been said we need to know what you want to do here. It looks to me like you're going classic ranged which has the most variety. You have to work it right though. Get rid of energy twister, if you're speccing skorn with heavy CD emphasis energy twister will do nothing for you. Energy Twister is used by us CM/WW or 'melee' wizards who mass APS/CC priority over anything else and constantly in melee range to force the mobs to be eating twisters non-stop (aside from the fact we freeze them in place) to get it's procs working well - that's not you. You want to be using something like electrocute (free to cast) or maybe even living lightning which procs very well w/o mass APS.

Electrocute synergizes with arcane orb really well. Or you can go hydra and get another ability in energy twisters place, like magic weapon for example. Blood weapon is a good choice.

You have far too many spells on your hotbar for your arcane pool/regen ability, regardless of arcane passives. It will bring down your effectiveness a lot. So change your skills first before you begin to work on gearing. As far as I can tell from a ranged perspective you're doing it right on the gearing, wrong on the skills/runes.
As per what all the other forumers here have suggested mate but with 1 more question. What do you wish to achieve?

Farming Mp 0-2? Group play? Key farming? Uber hunting? Tanking?

1. Based on what you have, I would recommend an Archon build. Its easy. Just look it up anywhere on this forum. Skorn is a very very good weapon for that.
2. Your attack speed is low. So don't use Energy Twisters. Go for disintegrate instead
3. A really simple boost to DPS would be to drop Storm crow and the blackthorns. Those are meant for CM wizards with higher attack speeds because of the LOH. Low attack speeds do not really scale for LOH to be effective. What you need is Life steal instead. Go for Tal Rasha's chest and his Guise of Wisdom. Its cheap, it adds to fire damage and it has crit chance. Also your Tal amulet will work well with the plate to give you lightning bonus!
4. Get a Skorn with Life Steal. If its too ex, get a black 1 hand weapon (read NO elemental damage) WITH lifesteal (preferablt at least 2.6% LS) and a triumvirate. The black weapon will be awesome with the Tal set.
5. Finally, get a pair of Fire Walkers. Your Ice climbers have STR affixes which isnt too hot for a wiz. You can get a decent pair with all resist int and fire resist for 300-500k?
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5. Finally, get a pair of Fire Walkers. Your Ice climbers have STR affixes which isnt too hot for a wiz. You can get a decent pair with all resist int and fire resist for 300-500k?

My source growls at you sir...grrr! :P I think armor is great for ranged too, all I hear is ranged QQ about survivability I'm like 'well..u have 3k armor what do u expect?'. Plus that's free mitigation. my 112 str from source is pretty much free and gives 112 armor. Since armor is always lower than AR it gains even more mitigation total than equal 10:1 resists would (besides the fact that you cannot get AR/armor on a source...).

I say his gloves are fine, should focus on other things. Health gloves are really important for ranged play too and you'd be hard pressed to find 10/50 perfect CC/CD gloves with any kind of int/vit / ar stats for a decent price or likely his income.
Honestly Kitty you can really go either way. you have the mitigation stats of a CM/WW but you have the gearing priority of a ranged or archon. So like I say decide what you want to stick with then we can help you further from there.
I was wondering how we got a blue post in wiz forum..and this is why.....sigh...
What are the chances the original poster never finds his post again? ;)
IMO, get rid of the skorn. the dps is nice... and slow... You're lacking any ability to add off-hand stats. Get rid of the ice climbers, replace those with zunimassa's, higher dps, expensive but you can still get AR. Dump blackthornes chest for a Zunimassa. thatll give alot of AR aswell as another 130 int coupled with boots. Dump energy twister for blizzard-snow bound, dump glass cannon for cold blooded..

TROLL ALERT: Just my opinion, if you don't agree. Don't comment, it's really that simple.

Get more armor, 1100 is pretty low. Try to keep your AR at a 10% ratio to armor, 1000 armor have 100 AR for each 1000 armor
im reading your posts now....thanx for the help

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