Alkazier alternate run

Demon Hunter
So it seems nearly everyone grinding exp is doing alkazier runs, which is quite efficient but there are a couple things about the run that always annoyed me, so I "fixed" them in my run. Basically, my biggest gripe is how short the run is. This makes it feel like a real boring grind. It also means you spend quite a bit of time without 5 stacks/getting to 5 stacks. Doing this run I typically get 60-70mil exp per hour, averaging about 65. The typical run takes about 15-20 mins for me. You can be much faster a more efficient than me if you have things like legacy nats, or just simply much more discipline, having only 30 myself I am conservative with my vaults and discipline in general.

So getting right to it, the run is:
Core of arreat (get the waypoint right before azmodan), keep depths lvl 3, keep depths lvl 2, rakkis crossing, run down through fields of slaughter, wp to arreat crater lvl 1, run through to tower of the damned lvl 1, do 1 circle and wp to arreat crater lvl 2, repeat.

> often you will have 5 stacks at this point after keep depths lvl 3. If not, you have 3 options: 1. continue on normal run into keep lvl 2. 2. go to tower of the cursed lvl 1 (there is nearly always an elite just to the left of WP). 3. mix up the run a little by going to the tower of the damned and after one circle go to arreat crater lvl 1, do it backwards and wp to keep lvl 2, continue run as normal after that but skip the place you have already done.
> Since you are going into fields from a different point than the wp and doing a circle like in alkazier run, you have to do a bit different of a path. There are a couple of good ways, but I will leave it up to you to find what you prefer.
> after arreat crater lvl 2 you can either tp to town and leave game like usual, or if you are fast enough it might be faster to go into tower of the cursed and use the wp at the bottom of the stairs.
> Also, arreat crater lvl 1 isn't quite as predictable as crater lvl 2, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Until then though, if you find you went the wrong way it is probably better to just tp and continue to the tower of the damned then to backtrack.
> I am a demon hunter and can't really comment on the effectiveness of this run for other classes. For example, I didn't consider things like keeping WotB active during this run for barbs. If that is a big concern, the alkazier run may be much better for you.
> For demon hunters, the build I use is:!Zbe!caYccb The build using vengeance greatly prefers you have at least some pickup radius on your gear (I have some from leorics and have a pair of bracers that I swap on when farming). If you have legacy nats, this may be a better build:!ZYe!caYcZb

I hope to have video guides and demonstrations up soon (like next 2 weeks). Until then, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, don't be shy!

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