how much is the 0 cooldown dog gear budget

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Anyone help thx
too high for a casual player.
i want to know the price how many millions i plan to sell my wizard gear for it
for my 3-pc gear i think i bought mine at around 180-190mil. 100mil for the ring when i bought it. :)
-8 Ring appears to start at 60+ million
-9 Helmet can be only a few hundred thousand or a lot for Zuni's
-20 Homunculus is 40+ million
I've been looking at the items since 1.05 and from what I've seen I think we're in the 200 million ballpark, give or take. Hopefully one of these days something valuable will drop for me and I'll be able to afford it, really looking forward to trying out 0CD puppies.
I went with 4 pieces... and some of the items I managed to get for pretty cheap'ish (staring at the AH, daily - several times a day... for a little over a week).

Neck w/ Crit Dmg (4 sec) - 15 mil
SoJ (3 sec) - 15 mil
Helm (with 199 int, Visage) (9 sec) - 5 mil
Homunculus (18 sec) - 8 mil

that is 43 mil total... for 4 items (most people go for 3). On the cheap end - and I had to watch the AH constantly.
You don't have to go for the 0cd build straight away. You can use a hybrid build that'll allow you to upgrade step by step. The minimum entrance fee is the homunculus (about 15M) and the helm (about 3M).

I'd say that the price for a complete set for a 0cd cooldown starts at 130M. A yellow helm, a skull grasp, and a homunculus.
lol ppl here are hilariously ignorant. there are many variations of the build, but any variation that uses subpar stat'd gear just to achieve 0s is pretty fail. and any variation that uses very good gear will cost well over 2B.

and yet, why ppl choose to waste time and gold on such foolishness amazes me. if you want to tap 1,2 over and over ad infinitum, go play starcraft II.
I spent 150 mill on my initial 3-piece set up (helm, mojo, and mara's ammy) but have since upgraded to different cooldown configs which probably cost me another 100 mill.

In the end, it has let me do up to MP 9 ubers with a solid group of other qualified peeps.
11/28/2012 11:14 AMPosted by badmojo101
In the end, it has let me do up to MP 9 ubers

to what end? doing that content is pointless. i wish it wasnt so, but it is.

that's another topic entirely though. but i do understand what you mean, it def adds survivability to great lengths, but is it FUN?

having tested it myself I find it hard to believe anyone that says yes to that question.

if you are gonna drop 200m to farm MP9, reroll a barb and save yourself the trouble and gold (and micro).
zero dogs isn't really just the 3 pieces as you require a lot of gear to really support it nicely.

homun 19sec (i bought for 4m back in 1.04 but looking now they're easily 20m)
visage 9sec - less than 5m if you have patience, 10m if you bin (cheapest piece)
maras 6sec - 150m minimum BUT if you want a good one with IAS or CC or both, be prepared to add 0's to the end

I say mara's instead of soj or skull grasp because at least maras will have int/vit/AR semi covered by default. And on that note, I'd probably say skull grasp is better than SOJ for this build due to the IAS.

AFTER all that, you still need a solid 1hander because homunculus really gimps your damage, lots of IAS on top of the typical int/chc/cd

It's not a cheap build by any means (unless you do it with 5 pieces,then it can be cheap but at a huge cost to your overall character)

Ideally, you'd want
Visage 9 with CC
Homun 20
Maras 8 with IAS
SkullGrasp 8 with CC or CD

Then you can run ZH, PtV and GF without Tribal

But the ones that can afford that can likely get more milage just spending that gold on bears gear :)
I was really close to building a 0cd dog build, but at the end of the day, thinkin about the gold required, it just wasn't worth it IMO. The cost to run it was much better reinvested into my current build.
To JookSingJai:
There is no SkullGrasp 8. The max is 7. To get 8 you need a Soj. But is ideal? I have no idea.

To SayGa:
Your suggestions in the forum enlightened me alot. However, everyone has a different definition of "fun". (Well, without exception here, I am starting a barb...)

Budget wisely is always a good advice. I have a cheap no CC dog helm. Together with the mojo it's below 75mil. I overpaid the ring but everything addup below 180mil. After GF buff it's about 145k dps and doing about 750k(?) crits per dog.

I am currently running a SB build and a 0 dog. I had fun last night to finish a mp 8 uber in record time.
The most discouraging part of the game so far is to see over 30 sux hellfire rings and I still keep getting new sucky ones.

To SayGa:
Your suggestions in the forum enlightened me alot. However, everyone has a different definition of "fun".

didn't know about the skull grasp max, just assumed it was the same, sorry to all for the misinformation

Luffy, why are you still running Tribal Rites? Your gear looks like you have -45 already....
Your SOJ is under 100M???? It's perfect 6/30/8 ....
Again, the profile is messed up.
I was using PTV this morning. My gear is not good enough to show any benefit.
There are a few things I need to fix.
What showing on profile is wrong, don't take it as a reference.

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