How devs should view D3's Unloved aspects....

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3 examples of stuff that is Unloved and has, as of yet, failed to be fixed in any significant way:

THE UNIFYING POINT BEING: things that suck need to be made not just EQUAL to things that don't suck, but BETTER THAN EQUAL. So they will really stop sucking, in a noticeable way, and ppl will stop hating them....

#1 co-op play. yep, keep turning down those monster health bonuses. that will make it more fun and worthwhile, right?! NOPE!

MF bonus. XP bonus. More (noticeable, effective, non-interfering/redundant) inter-player buffs. (Alternatively, just eliminate the mob health buffs entirely. That would at least satisfy temporarily.)

As I have posted elsewhere, much more eloquently (and don't feel like digging it up; sry): the sum is greater than the parts, when it comes to the negative aspects of co-opping.

Being able to run pub games at MP>0 -- which of course you are working very hard on for next patch -- will help as well.

#2 2-hand melee weapons. ...are loathed. no one even picks them up, except for a certain legendary. why? because they suck. even with the "balancing" "buff" that was given to them in whichever patch it was, they still do not have the potential to meet or even exceed the overall capabilities of 1-h based builds, and thus are Unloved.

the obvious fix seems to be to beef them up even more, to the point where a 2-h user is really going to do that extra level of damage and destruction (...and NOT just on paper, and NOT just on godly rolls ... 1h's can do that!). but i'm not even going to get into it, as it's a sticky mess of worms involving analysis of all aspects of how/why the whole dmg in/out abstraction of the game is broke. e.g. the tip of the iceberg as pointed out in another thread: that no one wants to use shields any more since everything has been nerfed to ground dmg-wise. not my mess to clean up. and neither are all the 2-hs laying on the ground. :P

if only u guys hadn't needlessly removed the concept of variable range on various
melee weapons from the game, we might have a little something more than simple dmg in/out, or attack speed to distinguish 2-h weapons. :(

but the bottom line, again, they need to be made more attractive than "balanced", to overcome the misc/combined negatives, which apparently u failed to quantify and analyze properly in the "balance" patch, or ppl wouldn't be treating 2-hs like the joke they are.

#3 finally, the Unloved skills. and there are many. what is the point of having so many niche skills when the game itself has almost zero niche play? u got ur ubers, and u got ur XP/MF grinding. (PvP coming to save the day, I suppose?) and while I, as a DH, do not use the same for both, many classes/players do! by your own nerf-bat model of "when too many players choose a skill, it needs nerfed", roughly 80% of the skills in this game need a buff, from what I see.

tsk tsk.

long story short: like dude said here []: u need to buff The Unloved, and hard!

P.S. in all cases, The Unloved has not only the simple mechanical disadvantages as briefly discussed above, but by now they all have a stigma attached to them, so IMO you need to buff a little extra, to overcome that, too. :P

just some (admittedly somewhat disjointed and brief) food for thought.

make game better plz. ty.

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