Wiz need upgrade help!


I play archon for low mp farming like 4-2
and cm on the side for ubers..

I'm trying to do the most efficient upgrades I can utilizing only 50-120m gold..

Please help!

(ps. I can drop MF gear, but I really like the idea of having it lol)
Up to mp4 unless reflect comes, I use this set of armour, I didn't spend any more than 50mil for everything and crit at 400% my 140kdps so that owns low mp's, especially since the tal set and passive mana regen gives me stacks of mana to fire more arcane balls to crit that much damage hits.

U may not see it yet but my weapons haven't been updated, I use Slorak with socket 80%gem, and off source is tal glare with avrg dmg of 260.

Ps: u have a lot of mf gear, for me I just left some on cause eventually Ill gain mf with paragon, I put my mf gear on and go in public games for item finding act 3 runs.

Also love ur hellfire ring, still hunting for last organ to get my first ring.

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