Max Bid Glitch: (with proof)

Bug Report
Be careful when placing a max bid in the auction house. There is a chance the auction house will automatically put the current winning bid as the maximum bid you just placed.

The bid before my bid was 25 mil.

I decided to put a random number I thought of for my max bid ( i have my reasons)

I put my max bid as 35,855,507 gold.

Game said "bid accepted" I go to look at the auctions tab and the "winning bid" is exactly 35,855,507.

I did win the auction, but it I'm irritated knowing that I could of gotten the item for cheaper but the AH bug ripped me off.

The cause of this is NOT proxi bidding, My max bid was the winning bid by the exact number i put the instant I clicked "bid".

Here is proof that i won the auction with the EXACT amount of gold I came up with and I received no gold back.
this has been around since the ah first started
i have suffered this as well.
Not a bug.
If you place a bid higher than the last high bidder's max bid but not enough for a full minimum increment, it will take your max bid as the final bid.
@ keiser

From my experience it doesn't seem that way, if I place a bid that doesn't meet the min increment , it will tell me my bid is too low. Can u explain more about wat u mention cause I just got the issue also as wat the OP mentioned.
Google shill bidding, very rampant on diablo 3 AH.

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