GOLD Value of the Wizard Above u!!!!

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as title says have fun!!!
@ ZERO - 500m?
@Maysrill : 400-500m ?? not sure

real answer is appreciated :D
@Maysrill : 400-500m ?? not sure

real answer is appreciated :D

Probably about that. Hard in a couple cases where I got AH steals and drops (I have never had enough money at one time to afford the amulet I'm wearing, or possibly even my right ring).

Next guy do Inspy, not me.
@inspy 1.55 billion?

I woul say 4-6 billion.

How the F do you have so much more Fing dps than me.
12/03/2012 08:00 AMPosted by JellzRoc
@inspy 1.55 billion?
almost correct :) 1.7b 1.8b

Next guy do Azodeus, not me.
@Azodeus 1.5'ish bil+
12/03/2012 08:22 AMPosted by Jobewan
@Azodeus 1.5'ish bil+

Maybe my offhand =)
@jobewan 350m

Daaaam, like....12bil+ ? maybe 20bil cause of the paragon lvl

edit: dps in my profile currently is near unbuffed (had follower i think)

1.2 bil. only a couple items could be better. Great char!
I say 700mil?

1.2 bil. only a couple items could be better. Great char!

I'd say 800m to 1b.

i am in my max mf gears ! add another 100m (ish) for trifecta gloves and 60m ish for decent ammy in my "dps" suit. they have a thick layer of dust on them though. Also, forgot how much was it but int/vit/80ra lacuni is also somewhere in the stash :/
@ vladis
paid ~900k for my super op azmodan mp10 10sec setup.

- 35% chance fiery ball
- 30% chance knives
- 25% chance frozen orb
- 2.6% + 1.9% knockback
- 1.6% stun
- 3% + 4% reduced melee
- 5% + 4% reduced ranged
- 8% + 10% reduced duration
- 3% + 3% vs elites
- 5% vs demons
- haunts nearby enemies
- burn the ground
- 8% + 6% lightning
- 6% fire
- 6% arcane
n more..

Not much. What an ironic battletag.

<- Currently running something different from the usual CM/WW for lower MP to change things up.

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