GOLD Value of the Wizard Above u!!!!

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i havent played the game in awhile. wondering how much my stuff would be worth now? if it's worth cashing out might do that too :)
Do me :o
@Warath: 400-500mil
catbin those are very nice items (makes me wonder where all these things drop for everyone)

I'd estimate you to be between 2.5-2.9b ?
@TerrA I would say 200 mil

id guess 1-1.5b
@prometheus - 500+++m???? not sure tho..

i dont wear my real equips. my equips are just for farming and paragon leveling.

For your farming gears - maybe 250m?

i wish my gear only costed 80m lol my belt alone was 80mil :p
garyt 1.7 bil
whats my gear worth?

Mr. white .5billion
@Scottw - 1.1 billion, I think - I'm not the best estimator.
Iammorman wiith ur mf set up u got on,and not wanting to offend yea mabee 4-10m :p .. Ps whoever does me i know wand / nats combo / bracers are really cheap got some, got some pricier gear like prowlers vit and 4cc mempho 4cc i aimt currently wearing :p if anyone would be so kind to gimme 3 items price checked i would be grateful just wondering if i got decent deals on em.... bought tals armor for 30m, litany ring for 50m and sorce for 120m just wondering if i over paid on sorce (since its only got 5 apoc)i think i did ok on the other 2 thank u :p


You have some nice pieces, but prices rise dramatically for more minor gains after what you have.
can anyone check me out?
12/12/2012 06:08 AMPosted by Toyyoda
can anyone check me out?


Celanian 750 mil?

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