I Hit Paragon 100

Demon Hunter
It was pretty tough doing it. I changed skills depending on how I felt. I mainly did MP1. I used multishot or ball lighting. Hungering or bola. I always used tactical advantage, vengeance, and nightstalker. I played 90% solo running and the rest public or in private groups. I used a leoric ring, hellfire, and ruby in helm. My Templar had a leoric ring, hellfire, and the rest xp+ gear. 90% of the time I ran the whole act and picked up every yellow and opened chests. I mind as well farm at the same time. The last 5 levels I did the Alkaiser route and picked up nothing. It took me one run to level half a bar and I averaged a little more than 1 mil per minute.

1. Finally get to wear my regular gear.
2. Now my follower has more then 200 dps. lol. I decided to go with the Enchantress to buff me even more.
3. I am going to level another character.
4. I am free to do any MP level and Uber runs.
5. Hopefully my profile updates correctly since I used to change skills and gear all the time.
6. I actually cleaned the house after letting it go for several months. 8 trash bags full of rubbish, old toys, etc. Vacuumed and shampooed the carpet. Fixed our media center which we couldn't watch TV for 2 months. It was just a loose cable.

1. Pretty burnt out and don't really want to play my DH that much.
2. Going to help my wife paragon level her DH.
3. This feels like end game right now. Nothing really to look forward to besides endless farming. I'm not even getting my hopes up for PVP.

So if I'm on my DH you can hit me up for Keys and Ubers. I'm also game to farm any MP levels. If you add me as a friend please write something as I don't add anyone if it's blank.

Oh, I forgot that I want to thank my family for supporting me through this. Without you girls I would've leveled much faster. :p
Congrats Blkdragon. You have plans on leveling a different class? And if so which one?
grats. how many hours did it take you?
No TV for the past 2 months?
Congrats! I can certainly understand you wanting to quit for a while or do something different. The paragon system was a nice addition, since it at least allows us to feel like we're progressing in some way. But once you've hit the max, then you feel like "Now what." I suppose that's one reason why I still haven't put a ruby in my helm or farmed for a hellfire. Nor have I ever used the RMAH. If I rushed to Paragon level 100 and acquired as great gear as yours, there would be nothing left to do. Maybe when I've had over 50K elite kills like you, I'll be burnt out too.

Congrats again on your achievement. I hope you continue to periodically check the DH forum and lend your sage advice.
Grats! 4 more levels for me. >_<
grats. how many hours did it take you?
i didnt keep track of the hours so i have no idea. how long ago was the patch? i played about 4-6 hours everyday. i plan on leveling a barb with all natural gear. i just need the motivation now to do so. it's seems like such a waste to run another character when i just got my DH to where i want it.
12/03/2012 01:37 PMPosted by Chocko
No TV for the past 2 months?

yah regular cable tv. we watched from netflix instead. i use hdhomerun prime for our cable channels and all it was, was a loose cat5 cable. lol. i even rented the walking dead through amazon cause i was too lazy to troubleshoot. our lives pretty much went downhill since i was playing so much.
Grats Blkdrgn, I think i'll be wearing complete set of gears after hitting paragon 80, then just cruise through 100 and farm along the way.
What were the 3 best drops you got on the way to 100.
Congrats from a fellow DH.
Congratz man! helluva grind. Well played good sir.
12/03/2012 02:10 PMPosted by Chocko
What were the 3 best drops you got on the way to 100.

During leveling I have had over a hundred legendary and set drops. as for the best drop it was a Witching Hour belt for 150 mil. Other were around 40-50 mil. but pretty much most were crap. i once went to public and drop 10 legs after a boss. they were pretty happy. i made the most out of inadvertently AH flipping though. but maybe there was something good that i merchant as i just instantly sell if i see an X over it or a weapon with no socket. i have no idea what to look for other characters that i didn't take the time to look at it.
Congrats! I started to feel the grind when I reached 72. I wonder how much longer I can take lol. Wish I can reach what you achieved pretty soon.
12/03/2012 01:57 PMPosted by blkdrgn
our lives pretty much went downhill since i was playing so much

Now that you have reached your goal, would you do it again knowing what your sacrifices were?
hell yes but maybe just a little less time spent. grass/weeds in our yard was over a foot tall. there was an actually tree or plant thingy that was over 4 feet tall that i had to use a saw to cut down. lol. my hand kills me every day after i broke it several months ago. i haven't went motorcycle racing which was my #1 hobby. still i had fun everyday. now that it's over things will go back to normal.
Congratulations on the accomplishment and on life hopefully returning to normal. :)
Congrats, slowly working there myself. I know, total xp wise, the half way point is Plvl 80, did it feel just as long doing 1-80 as it did doing 81-100?

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