St st st stuttttering...AND Vsync disconnect

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As the title says:

Problem 1:
PRIOR to this morning (several hundred hours of play) I haven't had visual stuttering issues. Today...I do. Now I know they had maintenance but I also updated my Nvidia (560Ti) driver to 310.70 but all my other games work fine.

Problem 2:
Addition to this is that apparently I cannot use the Vsync option in D3 because it causes me to disconnect ~10-15 mins into the game so I lose all my stacks and basically cannot progress or play etc...its highly irritating. I KNOW for a fact its the Vsync option because when its not enabled I can play fine for hours without any interruption...then I enable Vsync I disconnect ~10-15 minutes into play...I've done this about 10 times...and its disconnected me 10 times...

oh and yes I've read the stickies on the issues and have disabled indexing which didn't do anything to fix my issues.

Anyway all help is appreciated as the game is losing its appeal to me yet again.

For the stuttering, I'd try reverting to the drivers you had prior to updating to see if that might be related.

For the vsync issue, check to see if you're over-riding the vsync in-game with the Nvidia Control Panel settings in any way and disable it if you are. You may find that reverting the drivers also resolves this.
Thank you for the reply! and sorry for the long reply.

I DO have Virtu MVP running a VSync as well that when I disable fixes the problem with the disconnect so thank you very much for that enlightenment. Maybe sticky this for others running outside Vsync management programs.

As far as the stuttering I'm not entirely sure how to revert to my prior drivers without uninstalling then re-installing old drivers. Is there a more effective method?

Again tyvm for your help!


That's pretty much how you revert drivers. Uninstall and reinstall them. You might also look into running a driver cleaner app to get rid of all traces of old drivers no longer needed as the normal uninstall doesn't always do a complete job.

Yea reverting my drivers solved the issues I had with stuttering.

Thanks again for the help it is much appreciated!

Thought I would post this fix on any threads that were about the stuttering issue becuase it was driving me absolutely insane!!! After trying everything I finally figured it out thanks to someone who posted something several months ago that turned on a lightbulb in my head...

His solution was this:

"I simply turned off real time protection on my anti virus software. (microsoft security essentials)."

Basically whenever the SDD or HDD was being accessed, real time protection was scanning them for viruses etc, and thus the game files were being accessed multiple times whilst they were trying to load in game.

Such a simple fix. Game is now 100% smooth with no stuttering at all.

I'm pretty sure this was my problem as well! I didn't have the exact same fix but basically I installed the game on my C:/ drive instead of my alternate internal E:/ drive I use for most Applications and now the stuttering is gone.

Wierd thing is I used to have it on that same drive and had no problems, all of a sudden when I come back to play again it was stuttering like crazy! So McAfee must have been trying to scan the files or something on the External hard drive as they were being accessed.

Regardless I re-intalled it on the C:/ drive and its fixed.

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