Vendel the Armorsmith does not sell any items

Bug Report
After completing the Scabbard of Talic the Defender event in the Watchtower level 2 Vendel the Armorsmith does not have any items at all for sale.

Meaning also no Spirit stones and thus completing the Achievement Shut up and take my money is impossible...

Please fix this :) Along with the other achievement bugs...
I confirmed it again now. He just doesn't sell any items at all anymore! At least he doesn't die or disappear as for other people... Still I'd be happy to get a reply here, pretty please^^
Same thing happended to me tonight.

Very frustrating...especially after after farming to get Vendal the Armorsmith over for a few hours so I could finish out the Shut up and take my Money achievement.
Same thing happening to me

Dear god FIX THIS

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