Legendary drop question.

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I was curious as to if bosses actually have a chance to drop legendaries or not. Ive often wondered this, and never really seem to remember anyone mentioning getting a legendary/set item from a boss. So have any of you actually had this happen or know if its possible?
Yes, I've gotten 3 or 4 legendaries off of Azmodan, and one of my friends got one as well.
I got a legendary off Uber Rakanoth, and a fang at the same time.

The double light beam was nerdgasmic.
The double light beam was nerdgasmic.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah even the single beam is awesome.

I got a Nats set pants off a keywarden last night. No key though.
i also have had legendary/sets drop from keywardens, the warden in act I, and i think one other.
If you farm enough, you'll get some in time.

I got a belt from Azmodan, it was a nicely rolled leg.

Just to add that I did get a lacunis from a Goblin, it was a decent roll, too.
Yes bosses drop legend's. And pretty often also if u consider 1 run is 2 mybe 3 bosses and 10000++ trash/elites.. I even got a legend of Ghom with 0 NV helping a friend get past him. It's all RNG in the end
it happens , just pretty rare. my last legendary from a boss was a few runs back, got ivory tower off azmodan.
While I've not been lucky enough to experience it firsthand, Diablo III bosses do indeed have a chance to drop Legendaries and Set items. :)
Yeah I have had Legends drop from Azmodan multiple times and legs drop with keys from the wardens
actually Azmodan dropped a Legendary on Act 3 Inferno in 1.0.5 for me
i have a few times, all legendaries, no sets
picked up a 247dex/70vit vile ward off diablo the other day in a public game lol
1.04 cydaea dropped me star of azkaranth

1.05 a1 keywarden mp7 dropped me a tal ammy

regardless, insanely rare occurrence
got the worlds worst dead mans quiver from azmo last week

made me want to cry since it was the first one i ever found

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