Legendary drop question.

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never happened for me oh well
12/04/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Vaeflare
While I've not been lucky enough to experience it firsthand, Diablo III bosses do indeed have a chance to drop Legendaries and Set items. :)

Please I beg you blizzard to please increase the drop rate on bosses as introducing a set table loot would be ideal but would require a lot more work. Please reward us for playing through the game! I hated diablo 3 when it first came out now that you fixed legendary items the only logical next step is to reward us for killing the legendary bosses. I just ran my level 60 monk from normal through inferno and I got one legendary from a random act 3 elite. I was satisfied however it's really frustrating that my mf runs on my mf wizard don't include bosses as I have never once recevied a good item from a boss. I know there is a chance and I always have 5 nv stacks but the chance needs to be greater than a random elite to make me want to finish the boss battle. In every game you play there is always a reward for taking down end game bosses this needs to be adressed. I would prefer if it was like d2 where diablo didn't drop a lot of legendary items but did drop high quality ones via the loot table. I also liked andy and pindle runs as they dropped more often but were not as high quality. I would like some variance in what I do not just every thing I kill drops items at the same rate that is taking rng to far.
Found several legends from end bosses by now. Probably found some from non-end-bosses as well. I don't really remember about set items though. Nevertheless, I'm sure they can be found.
What if you left the loot chance the same, but did give a better drop off bosses if something WERE to drop, better roll chance etc, but make the drop BOA or BOP. Gives reward but doesnt upset the game AH balance. The rate should be a little better than trash mobs given how long a boss can take compared to a reg mob.
i got nats boots from the siege khule users mp7, no organ tho XD
All my legendaries/set items have been off weapon racks :(
12/04/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Prology
The double light beam was nerdgasmic.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah even the single beam is awesome.

I got a Nats set pants off a keywarden last night. No key though.

Nat set pants? really?

Thats a d3 first
time to start killing azmo in my mf runs i guess =)
12/06/2012 04:00 PMPosted by MrLøvély
time to start killing azmo in my mf runs i guess =)

dont bother
I got my Zunimassa's ring from a Keywarden but no key, heh

And this week got a legendary from Siegebreaker and one from Azmodan, my first legendaries from "boss" mobs. Most of mine have come from trash just because there's so many of them compared to champions, elites, and bosses
I had an awesome andariels's visage drop on azmo MP2 earlier. Second time since I've been playing a boss has dropped anything good. Oh, and Diablo dropped some crap death watch mantles the first time I beat him on Hell.
I got a gladiator gauntlet from azmo today, and a long time ago I got a shen-long from the siege beast
I've gotten some really nice Legendaries off Azmodan. I've also logged into the game, and the first Champ pack I killed, with no stacks, and no MF gear, dropped me one of my best Legendaries. :)
I've had a lot of legendaries drop from bosses, especially from Belial and Azmodan. The Warden and Kulle have dropped too, Butcher and Cydaea maybe not, but not sure. Keywardens drop a lot too, idk if they count.
I have gotten a dozen off glom. Even had a legendary and a set drop off ghom at same time.

I have had the butcher drop 1 once.

I have had azmodan drop like 20 or so.
am i the only one that feels that it is quite strange that bosses don't drop legendaries more often then white mobs?

i feel that bosses should always have marginally better loot, if not having unique items all together.
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And the proof is in the pudding. This was yesterday, trying out new monk build.


Too bad for the crappy rolls.
Reading these responses ....its pretty clear drop rates still totally blow...especially from Bosses. Finding awesome legendaries is what the game is all about and that is the number one reason this game will never live up to the name D2 set.

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