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Looking for some gear tips. I think I have a good set of weapons and I am working on upgrading my gems. I have max 30 million gold. I have read some threads but want some opinions on a couple specific items I should focus on.
Tip - Post link to character ;)
Quoting from another thread (courtesy of Demiwraith):

1. Post using your Diablo 3 account, or link your profile. If you post using your Starcraft or Warcraft acounts, we can't find your character without a link.

2. If your gear or skills differ significantly from what appears in your profile, please let people know. For example, if you're using a build specifically for efficient XP farming in low Monster Power and want advice for high Monster Power key farming, you want to mention that.

3. If this is a question about what gear to buy, put your budget in the post. If you don't have an exact budget, at least give us an approximate range.

4. It is OK to just ask for general advice. However, you may get better responses if you mention any particular goals. If you have any specific constraints or restrictions in mind, mention them too. For example, asking for "The best way to get my Monk to 100K DPS, without lowering my resists or armor" may get you responses more targetted to your goals.

5. Do a quick search of the forum before you post. Some questions have been answered many times. There are also several good guides that have been posted in the recent past.
If you have around 100K DPS or less and are looking for gearing advice, two good guides are:

Piffle's guide:
Nameless's guide:

Please edit your original post accordingly. Thanks.
sorry. i thought it would change Havent played wow in 3 years
Hmmmm... Okay. I'm still unsure about what you are looking to do with these upgrades -- speed-farming through lower MP levels or key farming in MP5 and beyond; whether you want a glass cannon type of approach, tank approach or balanced approach. I'll assume you want a balanced approach, and that you want to push your DPS higher so that you can key farm higher levels.

In terms of pure DPS upgrade with little sacrifice to survivability, I'd suggest you start looking at improving attack speed in key locations -- gloves, rings and amulet. Attack speed has a lot of benefits -- not just increasing DPS, but also increasing cyclone proc rates, faster spirit generation and overall damage output as you use different skills to buff your output... attack speed just magnifies it. You can use d3 damage calculator to import your profile and see the relative effects of adding dex, IAS, ChC, or ChD to see what you need more. I anticipate that IAS will get you a lot further than ChD.

I know you said that you are happy with weapons, but when you are willing to look at them, I'd strongly suggest getting weapons with OS. Built-in ChD would be nice, but at the very least, OS. This will allow yourself to take more advantage of the crits when they do happen. And you can get an upgrade to the OH with an upgrade of 75-100 dps with similar stats to that sword that should cost you no more than 5M. It's worth looking into.

Your armor does seem a little low, and I'd suggest you look into adding onto as you upgrade your armor. A minimum of 5K is good, but I'd even suggest aiming for a longer term goal of 6K to compliment your AR. Higher armor actually makes your resists more effective. You can probably help your cause by increasing dex in other areas (put dex as one of your criteria when looking at jewellery), as that will give you a nice offensive/defensive boost.

Your bracers can probably do an improvement and it shouldn't cost you much. You can find something with primary resist, AR, +armor, dex+vit, crit hit chance for pretty cheap (the ones I have on my monk probably cost me no more than 1.5M when I bought on the bid). I like to look at this slot through lens of dex+vit, and make up any differences you need (in terms of missing vit) by replacing some gems in your chest. If you can put more resists on there, you can consider taking some resists off of your rings and have more of an offensive focus when looking for rings.
thanks Nameless

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