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While holding the force stand still hotkey, I've noticed that my mouse pointer starts to lag a lot.
The mouse pointer will show ghost images of where it was and where I'm trying to show it.

I have a video of the problem that I just recorded : It doesn't show the ghost image, but you can definitely tell that the mouse pointer isn't moving as smoothly as it should.


In the video, I move the mouse pointer at the SAME speed throughout the entire video. First without holding Force Stand, then while holding, then without.

My computer definitely meets the minimum and even maximum requirements for this game, so this isn't an issue. Holding the same hotkey Outside of D3 will not produce the same results, it is within D3 only.

It's a little hard to get the feel for what you're experiencing based on the video, but I can't get mine to do what you're describing at all and I've never seen anyone else complaining about anything like this before.

I'd try another mouse, make sure no background apps are running while playing, uninstall any mouse software if you have any installed, maybe even try another keyboard.
I am having a similar problem. it seems like the pointer is getting snagged when ever i scroll over the ui or anything other then terrain really while clicking. Nothing has changed on my pc. wasnt doing this last night.
Having this same problem.
Changed from my logitech G300 mouse to two different ones.
All have the same problem.
It only happens while holding force stand and try moving the mouse.
its something to do with the DPI.
if you turn the DPI way down the mouse pointer will not lag, but is way to slow to play on..
please find a solution Blizzard.

Blizzard Rules !

Thanks -JB
I am having the same problem. Is there a solution yet?

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