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Seriously? WHY?

I made a Perfect Star Emerald and after MIND NUMBINGLY clicking away for 10mins to make one. (I actually closed my eyes to rest and relied on the sound to re-click) I put it onto AH and accidentally listed it for less than a million instead of 7million and it was naturally sold within 1 second.

I blame the mind numbing gem creation process (why not also implement an auto crafting option?) and the lack of commas in the AH pricing amount and my lack of attention, but mostly blame blizzard for this.

Now I'm out by millions and this really crushed any motivation to keep playing. Sigh... anyone wanna donate 5million gold to recoup my losses?
  • Learn to double check your prices before listing items
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  • Why should Blizzard have to retard proof their game.
    Don't be an idiot and you won't loose money.
    i agree that if you cant tell the difference between 5 and 6 zeros then thats a little silly.

    Though for something htat is easy to fix i can understand why it should.

    Counting the zero's when you hit the hundreds of millions does become a pain.
    It's like complaining to a company that makes knives because you cut yourself.
    "The blade was too sharp".
    When in reality there was nothing wrong with the blade, the only problem was the user was careless and can't handle taking responsibility for his own stupid actions.

    The company shouldn't have to redesign their products because one idiot in a million can't take a few seconds to check what they are doing.
    The issue(so I read) is that comma's can mean different things around the world and Blizzard fear that causing issues.

    They have however said they are looking into other options(spaces for example).

    Is just a waiting game in the end, they know a lot of people have issue with it but atleast it has been acknowledged.
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    There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
    Who said anything about "redesigning" the game? I'm only suggesting a logical improvement to the user-friendliness of the AH UI.

    You have commas in your gold stash, you have commas in your gold AH balance, and yet this feature was somehow omitted from the Starting Price and Buyout price. Why? What was the reason behind this?

    If you want to use analogy to compare; It's like using a blade without the handle. Sure you can still cut with the blade by holding onto the broadside of it but it would definitely be more user-friendly with a handle right?

    Also, chill the hell out. I was ranting in the first post and feeling the effects of losing millions. Don't need to start calling names and such.
    Thank you Narull for responding with logic. I did not know that.
    "but mostly blame blizzard for this."
    That is why I'm pissed off.
    You messed up, get over it.
    I'm out. C ya.

    And in response to your analogy, I don't agree. 'No handle' would be a major design flaw that hinders the use of the product. That would be like AH not displaying any numbers at all. A more suitable analogy would be the knife not having a high quality grip. It isn't unnecessary at all, but it might save an idiot or two who can't be trusted with simple tasks.
    Sigh, there's always a internet tough guy on every forum. So much easier to just point and insult.
    Oh well~ Cya~
    @Narull, sorry but as OP points out, depending on your language, the commas (or decimal/period for those languages/locales that use it as a thousands seperator) are already present in all other parts of the UI in the AH.
    It's only the input boxes that don't support the thousands seperators.

    FlutterShy, the commas do display in your auction list right near the cancel button.

    All Blizzard needs to do is for commodity (gems etc) auctions to have the same 5 minute cool-off period as other items so you can cancel if you've noticed you've incorrectly priced them.

    nb: the missing "commas" also affects in-game trade window. I nearly gave someone 2 million instead of 200k once.
    Oh I know smurf, I was just posting what a blue said, personally I didn't even know comma's mean different things in different places. But I do agree with blizz that even just s space in the thousands etc would work.
    Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Narull's Hardcore Challenge.
    There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
    i suggested a pop up confirmation that SPELLS OUT the amount in writting like on a cheque...... dont think any of the blue saw it tho, lost in the stream of trolls.

    One question tho flutter....... why were u combining gems to sell on AH? last time i check, the price of buying one on AH is cheaper than combining it myself. So if you combined to sell, you would not gain much, even before the 15% tax..... or am i missing something?
    ^^^^I was thinking the same thing, crafting gems then selling them, is not a good profit makeing machine on the AH. It is much more effecient to farm gold and buy off AH then to make and sell. But I do agree there should be some sort of system to make sure that what youre selling is the correct price before you pop it on. I know gems sell in a matter of min. depending on they type and quality. Although I have never had this problem, for I check and count 0's before I submit. But Thanks for bringing this up Flutter, this is a good point
    Does the 5min timer before public listing apply to commodities such as gems?

    That might help to some degree...
    I don't gain much, but I do gain something when I'm not playing.

    I only started selling gems recently and have noticed that the prices seems to shoot up in the mid-afternoons. I also have tons of Flawless Squares and Tomes that I picked up over the months (I'm a in-game hoarder) so my profits are close to a million for every Perfect Star Emerald sold because I don't need buy the crafting materials. Radian Star are the ones that definitely give you a loss.

    sidenote: I just thought for a perfect analogy for this whole thing. Remember a time when cars didn't have third braking light? The only way of any braking indication was the rear lights glowing brighter (at night)~ Adding the third braking light is like adding commas, which in turn, help save a few "idiots".
    who even uses buyouts
    11/25/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Ryhza
    who even uses buyouts


    I realize Jasian is annoying dude, but you're just denigrating your own image.


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