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Hello Sir, Please help with my account. I was able to disable the authenticator already, but when ever their will be a maintence, the authentictor re-prompt again and again..
I'm havng the same problem. Now I cant login to the game.
I've reset both of the above accounts which ought to clear up the issues you're having. Please try them again.
Dont know if this is the same issue but all of a sudden today I cant login even if I use my authenticator. Ive tried several times now, I havent changed my password, tried restoring my authenticator but nothing. Says Error 3, login information is incorrect but I know it isn't.
Slater ,

It's not the same issue as the above posters. They have SEA region accounts for which there's a known issue. Your's is in the US region. I'd try resyncing the authenticator first or you could try removing it temporarily on the Account management page, assuming it's working enough to let you log in there. Restoring the app may have affected the serial number?
Hey Omrakos,

I have the mobile authenticator which I think might be the issue. I have tried resyncing and restoring it. It says it does this with success but the problem still continues. I tried removing it completely from my account but the site says Im inputting the wrong code. (For the first code, as it needs you to put in two consecutively.) I submitted a ticket for an account restore but I dont believe my account has been hacked or anything of the sort. I also changed my cell phone about a week ago but I have used the authenticator several times since then without issue.
Any help would be really appreciated and thanks for the reply. :)

I'd have them (Billing) remove the authenticator for you then. If you can't do it yourself due to a code it's generating not working, it sounds like the app needs to be reinstalled which will result in a new serial number which then needs to be used to re-add it to the account.
Yeah I have created a new serial number several times now with no luck. How do I get in touch with Billing?

By using the support ticket or by calling.

This article will lead you through the process.
Thanks Omrakos appreciate the help.

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