Party Chat issue.

Bug Report
Here is the problem/scenario:

You are logged into at least one public chat, possibly more.
You form a group of 2-4 or join a group of 2-4.
Now, it doesn't happen all the time, but often I have trouble locating the party chat from the chat "bubble" button. If I hit enter, it only takes me to either the last public chat, or possibly the last person (sometimes).

Here is my thought/suggestion:

Do one of 2 things:

1: Make the Party chat choice ALWAYS at the top of the chat list (above the public ones or,
2: Make the Party chat the default chat when hitting enter once properly joined in a game with 2 or more players.

This will help to eliminate issues with people randomly messaging the public chats their in game only chatter and also help us to actually locate the Party chat from the choices. I often have to spend a lot of time sifting through the names in the list, and even though the names are alphabetical, the word Party is more likely out of order from the rest, at the bottom, or once in a while, even at the top.

We just need to uniform this, so its easier to use. I apologize if this has been posted previously, I did do a search but wasn't finding anything related at that time.

Thanks for your read. Any further details/feedback, let me know.
Not sure if this has been read or not yet, but wanted to be sure it was looked into. Thanks.

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