i need help. cm/ww

I'm stuck.

I want a weapon with a socket. but to use chantodo's with a socket, i lose loh. if i gain a weapon with loh and a socket, i lose apoc.

i can afford a mediocre pair of blackthorne's pants.. but i'll lose 22 resist all. (i assume the loh and int i gain will make up for it.)

So. where to go from here? i need a few tips/pointers as to where to go, what to aim for/what to do next. I can do ubers mp5 but i feel like i'm close to being able to do so much more.. i'm just missing something.
First off your crit is extremely low. You want 40%+ to be safe, and the more the better. That needs to be fixed ASAP.

It also looks like you're below the 2.73 and 2.5 attack speed breakpoints, so those should be your next goals, but still your main priority is crit.
You need to get rid of that mempo. Don't use one until you can afford one with cc. Get a storm crow instead. You get apoc LOH and some decent stats. Get rid of that source and replace with a chants source. You get ias naturally and because of storm crow it solves your apoc issue.

You're not ready for chants with socket. That's a huge money sink because you're going to need to compensate by getting ias gear all over to hit the break points. Get like a 1.74 aspeed ias chants will instead. It'll be a ton cheaper.

Get rid of that useless lacunis. If it don't have cc then it's crap.

Your glove and amulet have 5 ish cc and they both roll up to 10. Both easy upgrades. We aren't like other classes. Ias is king. Sheet dps come later. Worry first about freezing the monster then move on to focusing on killing them faster.

Furthermore, mitigation is important if you ever want to run sns. Focus on getting to an ias benchmark with decen cc then start respecing your gears for mitigation increases. Once you can run sns on mp 8 is when you'll start thinking about socketed chants. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Most of us sns wizzies came from humble beginnings and slowly grinded our way to where we are. It's not an over night thing unless you plan on whipping out the credit card.
I hate to keep pushing my SNS guide, but it does have alot of helpful info on the CM/WW build. And touches on all of the (perfectly corrects) comment above:


Storm Crow, Chants wand, CC lacunis.....yes.yes.yes. stack IAS and CC to the max on each item.
i have a terrible problem of accidentally spending too much money on the ah. bidding when seconds are left thinking i'm getting a deal. either way. i spent 20m. i'm at 41.50% crit now. only 2.3 attacks per second though.

I guess i can drop my loh chan for an attack speed one next... and then stick with that until i can afford a cc lacunis?
You need to keep doing everything possible to stack IAS and CC. Forget about CD for now until you get 50% CC and 2.73 attacks per second. Also when looking at armor slots you need to get as many pieces with +armor and resist when you can afford it.

Armor and AR are going to increase your EHP. You need a good amount of EHP to do MP10. So choose your pieces carefully. Most people are going for Chant wands with sockets right now so getting one with attack speed should be fairly easy at a lower price. If you can find one that has APS bonus and a fast wand you will be better off. Granted you might see your sheet damage down when compared to one with a CD gem but try not to focus to much on that number for now. Your goal is to get CC and APS high enough to lock enemies down.

My wand on my profile is a good example of a wand to achieve high attack speed.
Wow, can't really add anything, as everyone has already nailed it.

Well, maybe one thing...Don't neglect your EHP along the way. Armor/AR/Vit and LoH are all very important. Keep that in mind while you work on CC/AS.

The thread that PieHole made (and linked above) is one of the best reads around for any CM/WW wiz.

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